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Compact CREE LED Flashlight

by Vont

Full Details

  • Instructions: Full press the red button to switch the light on or off. Half-press to switch the light mode. Rotate the head to adjust the light focus
  • Military-grade materials are water-resistant and shock-proof
  • Eco-friendly super bright LED offers up to 400 lumens of brightness
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Adjustable focus from flood light to spotlight
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in China
Aluminum, LED light
Do not submerge underwater for a long period of time
One flashlight, 3 AAA-Batteries not included
4.5" x 1.3" diameter
0.18 lb

5 avg. (3 reviews)

Extremely bright
12/26/2019 by Susan
My husband and I take twice-daily walks, and in winter we're often dealing with darkness both morning and evening. We live in a rural area, so it's important to have adequate lighting to see critters (skunks) before they see us, and to be visible to vehicles. This little flashlight casts a powerful beam. If it has a downside it's the speed in which it consumes 3 AAA batteries. Small price to pay for an easy to carry, highly effective flashlight.
Super Bright
10/30/2019 by Georgia
This little flashlight is very bright. It’s small but packs a big punch. This is a super bright flashlight
09/26/2019 by Vickie
I walk my dogs in the evening and sometimes it gets pretty dark before we get home. This flashlight is perfect! Light weight, and it really lights up the area in front of us as we’re walking. Makes me feel very safe and more sure of my footing. I really do love this flashlight!
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Compact CREE LED Flashlight

by Vont

The CREE LED flashlight is built-tough to stand up to adventures and is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Made with durable but lightweight military-grade materials, it shines up to an ultra-bright 400 lumens. It has adjustable light modes and focus and is water-resistant and shock-proof, too.
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Vont has landed on the perfect combination of smart and useful features with their collection of built-tough lighting, all made with the goal of giving you the right light—so you won’t have to reach for any other.

Made with military-grade materials and backed by a lifetime guarantee, the collapsible lantern set, flashlight, and headlamp all can handle rugged outdoor adventures and DIY endeavors alike. Each shines with ultra-bright LEDs that are long-lasting (up to 12 hours) and is lightweight, so one is an easy add-on in a backpack, toolbox, or an emergency kit. The lanterns and flashlight are water-resistant and shock-proof and the flashlight and waterproof headlamp have adjustable settings and light modes to lighten things up just the way you need.