Chalk Writing Wand

By Walkie Chalk


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This stand-up chalk wand helps kids draw even larger masterpieces, and lets grown-ups draw without bending or crouching. Most round or square pieces of sidewalk chalk fit into the tip, and the wand is extendable for even further reach.

  • Materials: ABS plastic, EVA foam, chalk
  • Includes three-piece extendable wand & two pieces of sidewalk chalk
  • Bottom loading foam holds chalk securely
  • Easy to use, lightweight design
  • Compatible with most round or square chalk types
  • Wand extends 24” to 36”
  • Recommended for ages 3+
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 36" x 2" x 2"
  • Weight: 0.65 lb.

9 Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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What a great way to chalk!!

8/22/2017 by Debra

Your invention so helped me enjoy my granddaughter chaulking my driveway!! I have had several neck surgeries and couldn't do this with her but now I can!! Thank you!!More > < Less


Kids love it too!

9/26/2016 by Catherine

I got this chalk writing stick so I could participate when my granddaughter is out on the driveway creating artwork....but she used it more than I! Soooo, back to grommet to get another one for me! It is a great and fun tool.More > < Less


My knees and back thank you!

9/13/2016 by Helaine

My knees and back thank you! No more bending over to draw roads on my driveway for my grandkids. I've been looking for something like this for several years. It works well for me. The small kids (3 yrs old) can't really use it. The chalk pushes in for them and they scrape the sides of the holder. But, it's easy for them to get to and from the ground, so they don't need it. As an adult, I have no problems controlling the pressure to keep the chalk in place. For those of us who find the frequent crouching and bending needed to draw a long road on the driveway difficult, it is a fantastic product! Thank you!More > < Less


perfect Gift for Kids ,Parents and Young at heart

9/12/2016 by Alice

Wonderful for all lots of fun great product,GOOD price,I've given 6 of them.


Walkie Chalk

9/8/2016 by Jill

This was such a great hit with my grandkids. I could even be with them since I didn't have to knee to do drawings. THEY LOVED THEM. I would recommend this item to everyone with kids or for Grand parents who can't kneel but want to play with their grandkids. Wonderful item. I also gave one as a gift to a neighbor's granddaughter and she was thrilled. Thanks for all your great products.More > < Less

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Draw on the sidewalk—while standing up

About Walkie Chalk

Stand Up & Draw

A stand-up chalk wand isn’t just a knees-and-back saver for grown-ups—though it certainly is that. More importantly (to kids, at least) it’s a lot of fun to play with.

Put a piece of sidewalk chalk into the extendible wand, and it acts like an oversized pencil. The shape and size gives a wider reach, making it easier to draw in big, broad strokes.

Creator Shauna Damman was recovering from a C-section, so getting down on the ground to play with her two older kids was a no-no. She MacGyver-ed a standup solution with a broomstick and tape.

It worked so well that Shauna and her husband, Matt, had several neighborhood kids test different prototypes. The thin, lightweight design that ultimately became Walkie Chalk was the winner. Shauna’s idea means no more bending over for adults, but more fun for kids—which will make everyone happy.