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Extra Mouthpieces for Mouth Guard Game Extra Mouthpieces for Mouth Guard Game

Extra Mouthpieces for Mouth Guard Game

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  • For use in conjunction with Mouthguard Party Game only
  • Materials: Plastic (CE & FDA Certified)
  • Care: Clean mouth guards after each use. Mouth guards are top rack dishwasher safe. Can be boiled in water for 3-5 minutes or hand washed with antibacterial soap and hot water
  • Includes: 12 plastic medium dental-grade mouth guards and 8 small plastic dental-grade mouth guards
  • Medium mouth guard fits most adults, small mouth guard fits children and adults with smaller mouths
  • Mouth guards are durably yet comfortably designed
  • Please note: Does not include phrase packs or full game
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 6.75" x 3.5" x 3"
  • Weight: 0.46 lb


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Lots of drooling and spit
12/30/2017 by Pam
This whole game got a thumbs down from the family and we play a lot of games. Like I said in an earlier review, it was funny for about 5 minutes and I doubt we'll pull this out again. It's not that appealing to put these things in the mouth, you'll drool and spit. We thought it was a bit gross, frankly.
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Extra Mouthpieces for Mouth Guard Game

Don’t have enough mouth guards to go around? Having a lot of friends should not be a punishment. Get ‘em all some.

Watch Ya' Mouth

This mouth guard game makes saying and guessing phrases hilarious.

Each high-energy round consists of two teams with at least two players each. Players take turns being “the reader” (i.e., wearing the mouth guard) and “interpreter” (i.e., understanding the reader’s gibberish). Both roles are equally hysterical. If you’re the one reading, you’ll try to say the phrase on your card with your mouth stretched, which makes it really tough for the interpreters to guess what you’re saying. The incorrect guesses make for some of the funniest moments.

Rally friends, family, neighbors . . . really anyone. This ridiculous game amuses players and sideliners alike. more Their Story