Spinning Balance Board

By Whirly Board


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Improve your center of balance and agility—and practice full spins of 360º or more—with this fun-but-challenging balance board. Initially invented with board sports in mind, this one-piece board is great for any athlete.

  • Made in the USA: Lake Mills, WI
  • Materials: Canadian maple wood, high density molded polyethylene (HDPE), rubber, and metal screws
  • Skateboard Grip Tape: Should be used with shoes only—recommended for skateboarders and skateboard-style tricks
  • Cork Rubber: Best with shoes but can be used barefoot or with socks
  • Great for core muscle strengthening and balance training—improves agility and enhances spatial awareness
  • Practice skateboarding, wakeboarding, water skiing and more
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Dimensions: 32.25" x 8.75" x 4"
  • Weight: 5.81 lbs.

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Love it!

6/25/2018 by Donna

We have a Bosu ball & I thought this would be a good addition to our exercise equipment. It definitely is! It's hard to master but well worth the effort. It's nicely made & well worth the money.More > < Less


Gave to son as gift

1/4/2016 by Mary

great workout and training board especially for someone with balance issues. Very well made


Tons of fun

12/11/2015 by Dawn

This board is awesome it really helped my balance I love doing tricks and challenging myself on the board tons of fun helps those winter blues!!

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60ª skateboard tricks—indoors or out.

About Whirly Board

Stand & Spin

Whirly Board makes it easy to build balance, coordination, and core strength. This one-piece balance board was designed as a board sport training tool, but any athlete can benefit—and have fun.

While other balance boards only move from side to side, Whirly Board lets you go a full 360 degrees or more. Practice spins without going out on the slopes or pavement.

Inventor Erik Olsen, a board sport enthusiast since the age of 12, created the first prototype by attaching half a bowling ball and two halved pool balls to the bottom of a board. Erik noticed that this board helped him with his balance and other boarding skills, so the idea for Whirly Board took hold. He’s been improving the design ever since.

Each one is made in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, of Canadian maple wood, high density molded polyethylene (HDPE), and durable grip tape. Do skateboard tricks. Practice handle passes wakeboarding and water skiing. There are a ton of maneuvers you can try.

So go ahead: give this balance board for athletes a whirl.