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Handmade Copper Mustache Guard Handmade Copper Mustache Guard

Handmade Copper Mustache Guard

Independent Maker

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: San Diego, CA
  • Material: 100% copper
  • Care: Rinse with mild soap and water
  • Crafted by hand with quality construction and an antique finish
  • Flexible tabs fit different size glassware
  • Great for hot and cold drinks
  • Dimensions: 3.25" x 1" x 0.75"
  • Weight: 0.025 lb.
Independent Maker


4.5 avg. (45 reviews)

Don’t recommend
02/15/2019 by Allison
Was a gift- was told it really didn’t keep the mustache dry
High Hopes!..
01/01/2019 by Amy
Great concept! However, it is messier than just drinking from a glass without the guard. Very disappointed...
Highlight of my day.
12/21/2018 by Mary Ann
My experiences with the Grommet have always been very positive. The products purchased have been of the highest quality and loveliest workmenship and they never disappoint. Some have been intended as gifts, not yet given so I can't be more specific but I know that the whisker dam with get a big chuckle if not a lot of use.
Fun gift
07/25/2018 by Judy
Bought is a gag gift, but he really loves it. No sign of milk!
Great gift
05/16/2018 by Ruth
Fun gift. Well received
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Handmade Copper Mustache Guard


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The Whisker Dam is a portable way to keep your mustache looking fresh and dry while enjoying a drink. It fits neatly over pint glasses, highballs, and other drinking glasses. With embossed lettering and a weathered patina, this ‘stache saver takes its design cues from mustache guards that were popular centuries ago. And a non-toxic coating keeps any metallic taste out of your mouth.

Whisker Dam

The Whisker Dam is a copper mustache guard that lets you drink like a gentleman. It fits neatly over a pint glass, highball, or mug, keeping your facial hair dry as you drink.

When brothers Ellery and Jeff Mulock bet on who could grow a better mustache, Ellery won and decided to keep his handlebar. That upper lip fixture eventually earned him an unusual inheritance: a ceramic mug with a built-in mustache protector.

Turns out these kinds of guards were quite popular—along with facial hair—centuries ago. With mustaches again on the rise, Ellery and Jeff decided a revival was in order.

Made in the USA from 100% copper, the Mulocks' version honors its origins with embossed lettering and a weathered patina. They hand stamp, finish, and package every Whisker Dam from their San Diego shop. Even though it’s all copper, a non-toxic coating keeps any metallic taste out of your mouth.

With this ‘stache saver, you’ll have an always-tidy upper lip. more Their Story