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  • Bat Box Habitat House by Wildlife World - 1
  • Bat Box Habitat House by Wildlife World - 2

Bat Box Habitat House

Full Details

  • Instructions: Attach Bat Box Habitat House on a tree or building 10 to 16 feet off the ground. The best location for a habitat is on an existing flight path so they can take rest and shelter. Ideally, the habitat faces north, southeast, or southwest
  • Featuring a single roosting chamber, a rough sawn landing platform, and climbing ladder for the bats to climb inside
  • Unique, open design reduces the need to clean and allows for easy inspection
  • Made in China
FSC sustainable wood
15.55" x 7.08" x 4.33"
2.42 lbs


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Sustainable Living

Bat Box Habitat House

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Roosting chamber, landing platform and more · Hang along a bat flight path
This bat habitat house gives these nocturnal fliers a spot made just for them. The open design includes a roosting chamber, landing platform, and climbing ladder for the bat in residence. Hang it high up on a tree or building along an existing bat flight path to make it the perfect rest stop.
Small Business Support
Sustainable Living

Wildlife World

The folks at Wildlife World put a lot of thought and care into beautifully designed structures that will attract beneficial insects and animals into your local ecology. They tested out everything from bat boxes to butterfly habitats in a 35-acre farm in the UK. Each one is sustainably built, with timber that’s FSC certified and sourced from well-managed forests and other elements (like plastic or metal) that’s recycled. Along with bird feeders and bird baths, these habitats help provide learning opportunities, too. Scientific concepts like “pollination” and “the food chain” are way less abstract when you can see them come to life in your own yard.
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