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Interdental Brush Set

Interdental Brush Set

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  • Materials: Polypropylene, thermoplastic elastomer
  • Care: Wash the brush thoroughly after every use. Change the brush weekly
  • Includes one interdental brush set with handle with one XS, one S, and one M/L brush, additional pack of eight interdental refill brushes in size of your choosing
  • Instructions: Use once daily before brushing your teeth. Set the feeler on your approximal gap, squeeze the tool to insert brush in between teeth. You can also use the brush from the inside of your teeth. Do not force brush between teeth
  • Special feeler allows you to easily locate and clean between teeth
  • Great for those with braces or permanent retainers
  • Caution: Do not force between your teeth. Under the age of 10 requires adult supervision, not recommended for those under the age of 16. Contact your dentist for individual advice
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Dimensions: 5" x 1" x 0.25"
  • Weight: 0.35 lb
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3.5 avg. (41 reviews)

Try again!
12/25/2019 by Marilyn
Nice idea, but brush is too weak to position between back teeth. Husband felt this way to so sorry!
A must if you wear braces
12/10/2019 by Carolyn
Having braces on at an older age is challenging. Food lodges between teeth and is such an irritant. My orthodontist gave me a needle threader to get the floss between the braces and my teeth but it is challenging. This product is simple and easy to use!!! Love it
Too bulky
11/15/2019 by Anne
I found this a little too bulky to be really useful, especially with the plethora of brushes and flossers available.
Winbrush brush set
11/01/2019 by A
Does the job.
Not effective.
07/07/2019 by Richard
I did not think it was worthwhile. The regular flossing is much easier and faster-particularly with bridges.
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Interdental Brush Set

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WINGBRUSH interdental cleaner gets into tight spots between teeth that a traditional toothbrush can't reach. The brush’s two-part design of a feeler and bristle head make the deep-cleaning process quicker and easier. It’s an especially effective method if you have braces or bridgework. A brush head lasts for about a week of cleaning and there are different sizes to best suit your smile.


Tight spots between teeth can benefit from an interdental cleaner, but the task of using one can seem daunting and time-consuming. So Dr. Louis Balhmann created his own cleaning tool for teeth that makes the process easier so people would actually use it.

This deeper-cleaning method is like flossing but better. It’s an especially great way to clean if you have braces or bridge work. WINGBRUSH gets into spaces that a toothbrush can’t reach to make sure teeth are as clean as can be. It is made up of two parts: a guided brush and a feeler. This design helps line the brush up with gaps between teeth, and helps prevent unwanted pokes, too. It takes a few tries to get used to using the brush, but once you experience the ultra-clean feeling it delivers, we think you’ll happily add it to your routine. more Their Story