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Intention Bracelet

Intention bracelets keep dreams close at hand and at the forefront of your mind. Write down your wish, roll it up, and tuck it into the stealthy brass cylinder. This makes wishes part of your everyday, so you can better focus on making them a reality. Choose stones thought to have meaning to level up the power of positive thinking.

  • Instructions: Write down your deepest wish, use the toothpick to roll the paper, tuck it inside your Wishbeads bracelet, and wear it as a daily reminder to take action
  • Bracelet holds one piece of paper at a time
  • Elastic bracelet for an adjustable fit, one size fits most
  • Amethyst is believed to have the ability to clear negative thoughts and restore a sense of calm, allowing one to have clear access to their ideas, beliefs, and intuition
  • Carnelian is thought to allow its wearer to shed worry so they can be their bold, spontaneous, and loving selves. Some feel Carnelian creates harmony between focus and passion and thus leads to a boost in creative expression
  • Black onyx is thought to aid the development of emotional and physical strength in times of turmoil
  • Rose quartz is believed to open one's heart to all kinds of love‚Äîromantic, familial, collegial, and most importantly, love of self
  • Please note: The brass cylinder will patina slightly over time. If desired you can polish occasionally with a soft, dry cloth to brighten up the brass
  • Made in China
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


One bracelet with five wishpapers 0.75" x 2.5", one toothpick to assist in rolling the paper


0.2" x 2.5" diameter


0.12 lb


Natural stone beads, elastic, solid brass cylinder with a screw on cap


Remove bracelet before showering or swimming. Polish your Wishbeads with a soft, dry cloth


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When Wishbeads founder Alexa Fischer encountered paper-bead bracelets in Italy, it sparked an idea that spoke to her passion for inspiring others. She decided to create bracelets that had a paper element to them and that would enable people to keep wishes close at hand—and top of mind. Instead of paper beads like the ones she saw, Alexa chose stones believed to have meaning for her bracelets, like rose quartz for love and to add a little sparkle and shine. Each bracelet has a special hollow brass cylinder perfectly sized to hold a wish. Jot it down, roll it up, and carry your wish everywhere you go to help stay focused on your dreams and the future you envision.

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