One-Handed Broom and Mini Broom Set



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Sweep up faster and more thoroughly—at home and anywhere else with this regular-sized and mini-sized set. The regular-sized one-handed broom is armed with dense bristles that stay flush to the floor, brushing pet hair, dirt, and even glass into the foot-controlled, tight-to-the-floor dustpan. The bristles are electrostatic, so they actually attract dirt off of surfaces like carpets, tiles, wood, and furniture. The mini broom has the same design, letting you tidy up quick in the car or office.

  • Materials: Plastic, stainless steel
  • Cleaning set includes WISP broom, foot-pan, mini hand broom, mini dustpan, and wall attachment
  • For use instructions, please see how-to-use video
  • Full-size broom features telescoping handle that extends from 29" to 51"
  • Foot-operated pan reduces bending and easily cleans bristles with side combs
  • Compact mini WISP great for smaller clean-up jobs and pet hair clean-up
  • Dustpan combs make bristle cleaning simple & hands-free
  • Bristle Seal technology features dense 90° electrostatic bristles
  • Easily picks up pet hair, glass, and debris with fewer passes
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 50" x 12" x 2.5"
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs

62 Reviews (3.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great broom

11/12/2018 by Patricia

5 stars for the broom & mini broom!


Love it!

9/14/2018 by Nellie J

The best broom & pan have ever had


Love it!

9/14/2018 by Nellie J

The best broom & pan have ever had


love it

8/20/2018 by Barry

Anything you can do with your feet withoout bending is a big plus these days


Improvement on a Classic

6/24/2018 by Brooke

I didn't think anyone could make improvements on your basic old broom....BUT THEY DID. I love my Wisp set. I never want a regular old broomar old broom again. I even converted my roommate to Wisp! It's fast, grabs up stuff you didn't even know was on your floor, and gets under the edges of furniture so much more easily than my old broom.

Love the single direction sweep and the easy pick up dust pan. Really does reduce that little line of dirt that the old dustpan would have left behind.

The mini is great for helping me clean up my craft projects and inside my car. Beads, sequins, glitter? No problem! A million tiny screws? Bring it on.

My one major criticism is that I think revisiting the design for the little teeth on the sides might be warranted. It kind of sends the dust bunnies and hair flying everywhere instead of right into the pan. No biggie, though. The bristles are so dense that the fuzzy stuff collects right at the front of them.
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A whole new take on the dustpan and broom.

About WISP

Spotless Sweep

This household essential just got a sweeping makeover.

WISP’s one-handed broom is armed with dense, short bristles that stay flush to the floor. And the bristles are electrostatic, too, so they’ll attract pet hair, dirt, and even glass into its foot-controlled, hands-free dustpan. It’s thorough, which means fewer passes with the broom.

Eben Dobson is an avid golfer (nicknamed “Wisp” for his small stature and fluid swing) who designed his first prototype to pick debris off of a golf course. It worked so well that he decided to retool it for indoors, corralling dirt off of difficult surfaces (e.g. carpets, tiles, wood, furniture).

The dustpan creates a tight seal against the ground, so you’ll sweep into, not under it. And Eben even thought to tackle smaller jobs, with the mini WISP. It’s small enough to fit in a glove compartment or office drawer for on-the-go cleaning.

Whatever you’re keeping clean, WISP will help you do a faster, easier, more complete job.