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Biscuit Cup Roaster Biscuit Cup Roaster

Biscuit Cup Roaster

Independent Maker
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Full Details

  • Rotary handle for even cooking
  • Pull-apart design great for storage and transport
  • Recipes included inside packaging
  • Made in China
Stainless steel metal and hard wood
One hotdog/marshmallow roasting attachment
33.5" x 3.5" x 1"
0.68 lb
Independent Maker
Tech & Innovation


4.5 avg. (3 reviews)

01/17/2018 by Russel
The sticks arrived in good packaging. I've used and even made something like this in the past, but these are really well made. The easy turn rotary handle is a MAJOR improvement on the ones I've made in the past. When you're cooking something on the end of the sticks, it makes it so much easier to rotate and evenly cook around the campfire. If you wanna have a fun easy meal around a campfire or a backyard fire, Wolfem sticks are awesome.
I love the biscuit roaster!
05/19/2017 by Pat
This is a great invention by 2 teens! It's a great deal- 2 ends for 1 handle.
Just ok
05/03/2017 by Pam
It took way longer than I thought to cook the dough the whole way through. Making one for each of the kids (3), they lost interest. Unique but not practical. Response by Wolf'Em Stick: It does take 3-5 minutes to bake a Wolf’em cup over the fire. If it’s taking longer than this, you may be using more dough than is necessary. The cooking head on the Wolf’em stick has been sized to work perfectly with a single piece of regular size refrigerated biscuit dough. If you’re using large or “grand” size biscuit dough pieces, they will need to be cut in half to be the right size to bake through properly. We’ve found that the pace of baking Wolf’ems gives us time to visit with friends and family while we’re making and enjoying Wolf’ems together. Here are a couple of suggestions that might help things feel like they’re moving along a little faster: - Have one Wolf’em stick for every two people. This makes it so everyone is always either making or eating a Wolf’em. - Let the kids bake their own Wolf’em cups over the campfire. Using the unique rotary handle is fun, and they love being able to cook for themselves.
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Biscuit Cup Roaster

Never run out of camping food ideas. The Wolf’em Stick has mastered all your campfire classics, and is especially skilled in its biscuit-cup-making technique. Enjoy doughy, delicious treats you can roast over a campfire then fill with whatever you like—from fresh fruit to pudding . . . even savory soups. Aside from its wooden biscuit mold, there is an additional attachment for dogs and ‘mallows. You’ll wolf ‘em no matter the recipe you pick.

Wolf'em Stick

If you like campfire cooking and know what a biscuit cup is, tune in. If you don’t, here’s your timely initiation.

They’re doughy treats you roast and fill with anything you want, from pudding to fresh fruit—even soup. With the Wolf’em Stick you shape pieces of biscuit onto its wooden mold, then hold them over the fire until you’ve got a crisp golden cup that’s ready to be filled. An included recipe book gives you ideas for what to put inside. And there’s an attachment for the handle that’s perfect for roasting marshmallows, hot dogs, and other campfire classics.

Teens Spencer and Tanner Harison are the champions of this delicious cause. The two brothers invented the Wolf’em Stick to hone their biscuit-cup-making technique. They even made sure it had a rotating handle that lets you roast evenly and from a safe distance.

When it comes to campfire treats, this nifty tool makes it easy to prep ‘em, roast ‘em, wolf ‘em . . . then repeat. more Their Story