Electric Stone Grain Mill

Electric Stone Grain Mill

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  • Materials: Metal Casing, corundum-ceramic milling stones, wood-based plastic
  • Care: Wipe with damp cloth after use
  • Broad milling scale settings allow grains to be milled from coarse meal to very fine flour
  • Grinds 100g per minute; handles all whole grains, dried legumes, and dry spices
  • Great for milling flour and grains for breads, pastas, pastries, and oatmeal
  • Low-speed genuine corundum-ceramic milling stone ensures gentle transformation of grains to flour
  • Perfect for wheat, rye, spelt, einkorn, corn, rice, buckwheat, barley, millet, quinoa, teff, triticale, and oatmeal
  • Fine German engineering with solid metal construction
  • Powered by powerful 360W motor
  • Please note: The Mockmill stone burr is only designed for use with the following substances, which must be under 15% (by weight) water content: Common dry grains including wheat (either hard or soft types), oat groats (dehulled oats), rice, triticale, khorasan (Kamut), spelt, buckwheat, barley, rye, millet, teff, quinoa, amaranth, sorghum, field corn (but not popcorn or sweet corn), dry lentils, dry beans (such as pinto, red, navy and kidney) and dry spices. Never mill nuts or oily seeds such as sesame, flax, or poppy. Coffee beans may also contain enough oil to leave a film on the stones, which leaves them unable to take on and process grains
  • 2-year warranty
  • Made in Germany
  • Dimensions: 15" x 8.75" x 7.5"
  • Weight: 14.75 lbs


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Electric Stone Grain Mill

With a home grain mill, it’s easy to whip up your own fresh flours right on the countertop. Ceramic milling stones make quick work of wheat, rye, quinoa, and other grains—and 11 milling grade settings allows you to get precisely the texture you like, from coarse meal to fine flour.

Wolfgang Mock

Wolfgang Mock knows grains. He’s been designing home grain mills for over 30 years and is passionate about spreading the knowledge that, when it comes to grains, freshness matters.

When grains are commercially processed, the germ and bran are stripped out to prolong shelf life. But that’s where all the good stuff is—like fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. By grinding your own at home, you can enjoy fresh, nutrient-packed wheat, rye, quinoa, and other grains whenever you want.

Wolfgang invented a mill attachment that works with many common stand mixers, and he also created a countertop-friendly self-contained mill. Ceramic milling stones do all the hard work for you and variable settings let you choose the precise texture you like, from coarse meal to finely ground flours. And once you taste the fresh stuff, you won't want to go back to store-bought.
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