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Goatskin Glove Goatskin Glove

Goatskin Glove

Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

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  • Made in the USA: Glenwood, AR
  • Material: Hand: 100% goatskin leather; Cuff: Split cowhide leather brushed to a suede finish
  • Care: Wash by hand in cool water, using detergent suitable for natural fibers; hang to dry away from heat source
  • Buttery soft goatskin leather is supple, comfortable, beautiful, and functional
  • Longer cuff than most garden gloves—lets you pull our garden gloves up snugly around your fingers and hands
  • For everyday garden planting, maintenance, or other yard work
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear, even on hot days, as gloves are breathable
  • Thorn-resistant
  • Tailored fit specifically for women's hands
  • Dimensions: 12" x 5" x 1"
  • Weight: 0.25 lb.
Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


5 avg. (39 reviews)

Durable but still pliable
09/08/2019 by Lisa
I have small hands; and most leather utility gloves that are well-made enough for my usage either don’t fit or are too stiff for me. These gloves, however, fit me perfectly; provide protection up my forearm; and are wonderfully workable. I highly recommend them.
Best fitting and still durable gloves I’ve ever had
06/25/2019 by Brenda
I don’t know how many other women have had to suffer through years of wearing men’s work gloves because that was all their company purchased. I spent 25 years in the Air Force and while my issued gloves protected my hands, they were so big and bulky, I didn’t wear them as often as I should and almost lost my thumb in a fight with a drill bit. After I retired, it seemed like I bought a new pair of gloves every 3-6 months because if they actually fit, they were cheaply made. I complained to an online group about the problems I was having trying to find a well made pair of gloves for working in the yard and a few weeks later I received these for my birthday! They fit my hands,they’re comfortable, dirt doesn’t ooze through so my fingernails stay clean! I absolutely love them!!! Got through my 2nd spring planting with them and except for them being dirty, they’re still in great condition!
Nice fit
06/08/2019 by Shawn
Order delivered ahead of schedule. Gloves are very soft and hand wash easily and dry with minimal stiffness
Best ever used! EVER!
06/05/2019 by Angelia
I bought mine in 2016, I am pretty sure. I work mine more than gardening and they certainly are not pretty anymore. I have 30 chickens in a barn/coop that I hard clean every other month. I am constantly picking up tree branches and sticks that have come down because all of this weather we have been having. They are still comfortable and snug on my hands. I thought about buying more yesterday but I seriously don’t need them, just wanted “the pretty”, lol.
Works great
01/17/2019 by Christine
Fits well and able to do my gardening with ease.
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Goatskin Glove

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Womanswork is women owned and run, so they know what women want in a gardening glove. Gardeners Goat Skin Gloves were designed to fit a woman's hands and the way women work. Made of buttery-soft top grain domestic goatskin leather, they feature a protective cowhide leather cuff that’s longer than most garden gloves. Pull them on, and they fit snugly around your fingers and hands. The leather is thorn-resistant, breathable, and perfect for everyday maintenance.


Made in the USA of top-quality, buttery leather. Designed by women gardeners for women’s hands. And made to last. These are the women’s work gloves we’ve been looking to bring to the Grommet community.

Womanswork gloves are uniquely suited to the shape of a woman’s hand and the way they garden. Women own and run the company and they carefully observed what’s different about women and the way they work—longer, narrower fingers and narrower palms. And women like to feel what they’re doing when they garden.

The results are these tough, supple Original Pigskin Gardening Gloves, super-protective Gauntlet Gloves with elbow-length cuffs, and form-fitting Gardeners Goat Skin Gloves. All pairs are made from durable, breathable leather that protects against thorns and brambles, and is comfortable even on warm days.

Womanswork work gloves have truly been made with a woman’s touch. more Their Story