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Stuffed Waffle Maker

Stuffed Waffle Maker

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  • Instructions: Cook filling beforehand, if applicable. Prepare batter and preheat waffle iron on medium-low heat. Grease the pan, add batter, add the filling, and cover filling with batter. Cook each side of the pan on medium heat for about 3 minutes. Turn the unit over once per minute to ensure even cooking and to prevent burning. Remove center pan piece and release waffle. See guide for more information
  • Makes 5” round, 2.5” thick stuffed waffles
  • Works on electric and gas stovetops, outdoor grill, or any open flame
  • Features non-stick cooking surface and heat-resistant handles
  • Please note: Do not spray cooking oil over flame. Do not touch pan surfaces with bare hands. Do not cook on induction stove
  • Made in China
Waffle pans: Food-grade PTFE-coated cast aluminum; Top/bottom pan handles: Stainless steel; Center pan handles: Stainless steel with nylon overmold
One three-piece cast aluminum stuffed waffle iron
Hand wash only with dish towel, sponge, or brush with non-abrasive bristles. Store in a dry place
13.5" x 5.5" x 2.5"
3.4 lbs
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Stuffed Waffle Maker
01/02/2020 by Christina
Worked out great! Easy to use, and have made with several different stuffings. First try - perfect! If you have a few to make at once just know that it does take about 10-12 min for each. But totally worth it! Fun Treat!
Easy and clean
12/30/2019 by Jason
Even with cooking spray, very easy to use. No residue left behind. Fully cooked. Easy to clean. Need another one to cook two at once!
Stuffed waffles
11/18/2019 by Armand
My grandchildren just love the stuff waffle maker! They have used if 3X’s so far with great success!
11/15/2019 by Susan
Everything it’s advertised as and more. I made my grandsons healthy chicken and and cheese stuffed waffles. To see the joy in their 3 and 5 year old eyes when Oma made a special waffle sandwich for them made the cost so worth it. So well made I love it.
I love it
11/11/2019 by Ashley
It's amazing I've tried many different things things for it and it's amazing not hard to use and doesn't take up alot of time I'm glad I got wish I can post pics
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Stuffed Waffle Maker


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This stuffed waffle maker beefs up your typical breakfast, lunch, or hearty snack. The cast aluminum maker works on the stovetop or grill and cooks up hearty waffles with your favorite fillings for a deliciously super-sized treat. Got a craving? You can go sweet (like peanut butter and jelly) or savory (bacon and eggs) with filling options.


Wonderffle was cooked up by Maker and mechanical engineer Mike Bradford. When he was lunching with coworkers at a diner, Mike realized the popular chicken-and-waffles dish was exceedingly difficult to eat on the go. He searched for a sandwich maker that was specific to waffles, and when he couldn’t find one, he applied his engineering know-how to create one himself.

The resulting stovetop maker is an easy-to-use tool that cooks a thick waffle in minutes. The best part is what’s inside—and that’s entirely up to you. Fill a waffle with sweet or savory tastiness, from chocolate to bacon to, yes, chicken, to make a hearty meal that can go beyond the breakfast table. more Their Story