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  • Easy Clean Reusable Straw by WonderSip - 1
  • Easy Clean Reusable Straw by WonderSip - 2
  • Easy Clean Reusable Straw by WonderSip - 3
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Easy Clean Reusable Straw

Full Details

  • Sustainable alternative to single-use plastic straws
  • Designed for easy and effective cleaning with no brush needed. Simply click the straw open for access to the inside
  • Crafted with a one-piece design so you’ll never lose a part
  • Comes with a linen carrying case for easy storage
  • Please note: Wash before use
  • Made in China
Food grade polypropylene, linen pouch
Two pack: One standard size straw, one jumbo size straw, one linen carrying pouch; Four pack: Two standard size straws, two jumbo size straws, one linen carrying pouch
Dishwasher safe
Dimensions (each)
8" length
Weight (each)
0.1 lb


Small Business Support
Sustainable Living
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

Easy Clean Reusable Straw

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This product is currently out of stock
Easy-open design for better cleaning · Durable and dishwasher safe · One-piece construction
This easy-clean reusable straw makes it a snap to switch to a greener, cleaner lifestyle. Its one-click-open technology means this straw can pop open for thorough dishwasher cleaning and to avoid germy build-up. Durable and smooth, it won’t affect taste and cuts down on plastic waste, too.
Small Business Support
Sustainable Living
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


WonderSip Maker Sabrina Ng noticed that while people were in tune with the drawbacks of single-use plastic straws, the alternatives—such as metal, silicone, and paper—had issues of their own. Reusable straws can be hard to clean and often harbor hidden bacteria.

One-click open technology is what sets WonderSip straws apart from the rest. It’s what makes these one-piece construction straws pop open for more thorough dishwasher cleaning. And, because you can see what’s inside, you never have to worry about unpleasant, germy surprises lurking. Not only does this straw help cut down on plastic waste, when it reaches the end of its life it can be recycled, too.