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Wrap-It Storage
Garage Organization Value Pack

Heavy-duty and stretchy straps · Easy-carry storage wrap

  • Six Heavy-Duty Wrap-It Storage Straps: Great for wrapping and organizing cords, hoses, rope and more. Made with heavy-duty polypropylene, an industrial strength hook and loop, and a stainless steel grommet, these are built to last indoors or outdoors
  • Four Super-Stretch Storage Straps: Made of a super-stretch elastic material with a hook and loop so they can wrap tight and secure. Great for managing cords, hoses, rope and more
  • One Easy-Carry Storage Strap: Great for wrapping up, organizing and carrying garden or pool hoses, bulky electrical cords, building materials and more. Made with heavy-duty polypropylene, an industrial strength hook and loop, and a durable handle. These are built to last indoors or outdoors
  • Please note: When using the Heavy-Duty and Easy-Carry straps, avoid sharp edges and hot or abrasive surfaces. For maximum strength, ensure hook and loop surfaces overlap 100%. Do not hang objects in areas where damage or injury could occur if object falls. Do not use this product for loads subject to dynamic or vibrating conditions. Product is intended for static load applications only. Super-Stretch Storage Straps are not weight-rated. Do not use to hang anything. Do not use to secure anything to the top of a vehicle
  • Made in China


Heavy-Duty Storage Straps (two each): 10", 13", 17"; One 22" Easy-Carry Storage Straps: Four 12" Super-Stretch Storage Straps


Heavy-Duty Storage Straps (each): 10", 13", 17" ; Easy-Carry Storage Strap: 22": Super-Stretch Storage Straps: 12"


1 lb


Polypropylene, nylon, stainless steel grommets


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Wrap-It Storage

It all started when Wrap-It Storage Maker Jim Broshat wanted a better way to organize and hang extension cords. And when he said better, Jim really meant tough enough to hold up to outdoor conditions and endless uses. Jim first fulfilled his wish wi…

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