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Reusable Foam Stick-On Planner

Full Details

  • Turns any surface into a dry erase canvas
  • Flexible foam core creates smooth writing surface that won't conform to wall texture, allows WriteyBoard to stick to a wall without bubbles or wrinkles, and allows for easy removal
  • Can be moved and repositioned multiple times. Durable restickable adhesive lasts for years and will not damage or leave a sticky residue on surfaces
  • Stain-resistant dry erase canvas
  • Great for dorms, apartments, or large office collaboration spaces
  • Caution: Do not expose WriteyBoard to temperatures exceeding 85¬∞ Fahrenheit (~30¬∞ Celcius) while sticking it to a surface or stored in the travel tube
Polyolefin filmy KVH, L, VL grade (various densities) resin (97~100%) + color(0~3%) polyethylene terephthalate 15~18%, acrylic polymer 1~5%, irradiation cross-linked olefin foam 75~80%
One WriteyBoard, one dry erase marker with eraser tip, and one packaging/travel tube
Place on clean, dry, non-porous surface. Clean dry erase surface with eraser cloth. Peel to remove and roll up. Only handle with clean, dry hands and do not erase past edges
Weekly: 18" x 12" x 0.1"; Monthly: 24" x 36" x 0.1"
Weekly: 0.14 lb; Monthly: 0.51 lb

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Reusable Foam Stick-On Planner

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Keep track of deadlines and to-do lists with this reusable stick-on planner—it’s a dry erase wall decal you can put up just about anywhere. The flexible foam core acts as a smooth writing surface (no bubbles or wrinkles) and the durable adhesive makes it easy to remove and reapply.
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With a dry erase wall decal, brainstorms and trains of thought don’t need to be confined to a notebook. These stick-on white boards and planners turn walls into dry erase surfaces, giving your imagination the space it needs to run free. And to keep your ideas flowing smoothly, WriteyBoards have a propriety flexible foam core. It creates a cushion between the board and the wall, getting rid of wrinkles and bubbles. Plus, the durable adhesive lets you remove and reapply the dry erase decals multiple times. Whether at the office, the dorm, or home, when you need to think out loud, WriteyBoard turns any wall into a blank canvas.