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Retractable Telescoping Ladders - Home Series Retractable Telescoping Ladders - Home Series

Retractable Telescoping Ladders - Home Series

Full Details

  • Please see ladder instructions before use
  • Strong, safe, and durable. Made from aerospace engineered industrial-grade aluminum alloy
  • Safety closure system collapses ladder rung-by-rung
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Integrated carrying handle, easy to transport with one arm
  • Extends, adjusts, and locks at ladder’s feet
  • Double over-molded feet add durability and traction
  • Clean touch anodized finish; easy to clean
  • Plastic couplings keep ladder from leaving marks on walls
  • Caution: Do not use ladder until it is completely dry
  • Made in China
Industrial-grade aluminum
Keep stiles and rungs clean and free from paint/debris. To clean, use furniture wipes or rubbing alcohol. Do not use a mineral or oil based cleaner
Weight limit
225 lbs
Average reach height
8.5 ft: 12.5 feet; 10.5 ft: 14.5 feet; 12.5 ft: 16.5 feet
Height (closed)
8.5 ft: 27 inches; 10.5 ft: 29 inches; 12.5 ft: 32 inches
Dimensions (folded)
8.5 ft: 20" x 5" x 29"; 10.5 ft: 29" x 19" x 4"; 12.5 ft: 34" x 21" x 6"
8.5 ft: 16.5 lbs; 10.5 ft: 20 lbs; 2.5 ft: 30 lbs


4.5 avg. (17 reviews)

Great Idea. Keep the styrofoam packing
10/17/2019 by tim
Keep that frustrating and hard to dispose of styrofoam packing and Ducttape a piece to the top rail to keep from scratching the surface of whatever you are resting against. Or, get a piece of plumbing insulation and do the same. This is more of an outside ladder. See that hardwood floor in the pic? Don't get faceplanted on the doorknob and make sure the feet are secure and the angle appropriate for use. Get lazy off the sofa to hold the feet securely.
Difficult to handle
06/28/2019 by Mary Lou
Naaahh! Much heavier than I expected and very difficult to release, especially when fully extended. Sorry I bought this item.
Fantastic ladder!
02/24/2019 by PATRICIA A
I moved into a home with 18 ft ceilings. I was able to confidently put up my wall gallery. The ladder works great and is light enough to carry and compact enough to store in a closet.
I can finally get to the storage above my garage by myself!
02/14/2019 by Kathryn
This ladder is lightweight enough that I can easily set it up by myself and access things in the storage space above our cars in the garage! I'm pretty small, and in the past relied on my husband to extend the ladder when I needed to get something, so I'm really happy to be able to do it myself. Be careful not to pinch yourself when it retracts.
It's great
02/14/2019 by Phil
This was a Christmas gift for my son. He needed access to storage high up in his apartment. The ladder works great, and it stores easily in a closet in an apartment where space is at a premium.
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Retractable Telescoping Ladders - Home Series

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As easy to store as it is to climb, this expandable ladder extends rung-by-rung into a full-fledged ladder then collapses into a slim profile that’s easy to carry and store.

Xtend + Climb

These telescoping ladders and stepstools are slimmed-down versions of the classics—light enough to carry with one one arm and slight enough to store in a closet or a trunk.

Xtend + Climb’s extension ladders have a retractable design that extends into a full-fledged ladder, then collapses rung by rung into something that’s compact and easy to tow and stow.

The aluminum stepstools help tackle tasks around the house, whether it’s giving kids a boost in the bathroom or helping you reach those high shelves and closet spaces.

Carry them as effortlessly as you climb them—these robust stepping tools dispel any bulky misconceptions you might have of what a ladder looks like. more Their Story