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Xyloba Orchestra Xyloba Orchestra

Xyloba Orchestra

by Xyloba

Full Details

  • Advanced level Xyloba with 96 parts
  • Ideally suited for kindergartens and nursery schools
  • The large number of building components encourage the children to participate
  • Create a great variety of marble runs using the 16 interchangeable sound modules to produce very fun and creative melodies
  • Unlimited number of different setup configurations and compositions
  • Learn to distinguish between different pitches and intervals
  • Ramps of different lengths produce the rhythm
  • Composition instructions included so even young children can create recognizable tunes
  • Made in Switzerland
Beechwood, metal
Wipe with a damp cloth
5 and up
Dimensions (in box)
21" x 10" x 5.5"
21 lbs


5 avg. (5 reviews)

01/20/2020 by Frederick
I bought both the Piccolino and the Orchestra. They're expensive but heirloom quality. My 9 year old granddaughter called it the coolest toy she'd ever seen. I may order the Master Set direct from Xyloba.
12/05/2017 by Angela
This is a Christmas gift for someone. We are excited to see their reaction. I will be glad to send an updated review after Christmas!
Christmas present
09/20/2016 by Cathie
I am very excited to give this present to my 2 grandchildren who 6 and 3 years olds. They love music and building and being able to make up their own songs and tunes! I bought the largest number of building pieces so they could make as much music as they wanted!
Good Job, Well Done
02/19/2015 by Claire
I wasn't sure how my two grandboys would take this "toy", and use it together...I should never have worried! They both Love it! My daughter and son in law are also very impressed!Giving a gift that ignites imagination,creativity, and the love of math,science,music...etcetera,etcetera, also, a joy for me! Plus! It is so beautifully made! I love to be able to give an Heirloom gift to my Grandchildren! It is loved!
Great gift!
12/12/2014 by William
Very well constructed and a great deal of fun. Allows for almost all ages (have to be able to pick up some of the larger wood blocks without throwing them!). Tremendous amount of fun!
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Xyloba Orchestra

Xyloba is a creative marble run that combines construction and composing into a masterpiece. Build Xyloba in any configuration to make different tunes.


Xylophone meets marble run in Xyloba, a building toy that encourages creativity, construction skills, and music appreciation. Created by Samuel Langmeier, a Swiss cellist in the Tonhalle Orchestra in Zurich, this handcrafted wooden marble run lets you compose your own melodies within the towers you build.

Langmeier was inspired by the chimes he heard in a toy marble run he found in his travels: What if a classic marble run could be made with a clear, rich sound that inspired kids to experiment with music? Forty-three years went into creating components that would improve sound quality, including beechwood tower parts, metal marbles, and interchangeable chimes.

Though an included sound book offers song ideas, Xyloba’s intuitive building system is meant for musical discovery that is new every time you use it. A toy like no other, Xyloba promotes fine motor skills, expands the imagination, and makes music composition fun. more Their Story

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