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Cast Iron Spice Grinder

Durable cast iron with a beech wood lid · Crushes and mills spices, pepper and more

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This cast iron spice grinder easily mills and crushes spices, chiles, peppercorns and more. Toss ingredients in its cup, place the grinder on top, and turn until you get the just-right grind. The beech wood lid lets you store freshly ground goods inside the grinder, too.

  • Instructions: Place contents inside outer cup and grind as preferred using grinder piece. Break down your spices to your desired coarseness, more turns will give you finer spices
  • Low profile teeth grind and pulverize spices with little effort
  • Features a storage compartment for spices after grinding
  • Great for use with chilis, spices, peppercorns and more
  • Made in China


An outer cup, inner grinder, and one lid


3.1" x 2.8" x 3.5"


2.2 lbs


Body: Cast iron, Lid: Beech wood


Hand wash with warm soapy water. Do not let soak. Dry thoroughly


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Zassenhaus has been a maker of high quality culinary mills since 1887 when they started with coffee grinders. Now led by Monika and Bernard Schnacke, the team discovered that cast iron is an ideal material for grinding spices. It’s heft and durability easily create the perfect grind and release full aromas and flavors. The cast iron mill grinds down even the hardest seeds, salts, spices and more. It’s simple to use; turn the grinder mechanism to crush things like peppercorns and chilis. More turns will take you from coarse to fine. Top the handheld tool with its beech wood lid to store what’s been freshly ground.

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