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Anti-Odor Cedar Wood Insoles Anti-Odor Cedar Wood Insoles

Anti-Odor Cedar Wood Insoles


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  • Materials: Cedar wood and cotton
  • Instructions: Place insoles in your shoes with the wood side up. If necessary, cut the insoles to size using a pair of scissors
  • Cedar wood and cotton efficiently absorb and contain any excess moisture, keeping feet dry and warm
  • Refer to the size chart to find your corresponding size range
  • Cedar wood essential oils are naturally antibacterial and neutralize smells
  • Features thin and flexible design that molds to feet for a comfortable fit
  • Designed to be worn with or without socks
  • Regular use can prolong shoe-life
  • Please note: The cedar wood will naturally lose its properties over time, for best results replace every 3 months
  • Handcrafted in Germany
  • Dimensions: 12.8" x 4.5" x 0.08"
  • Weight: 0.09 lb
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4.5 avg. (11 reviews)

couldn't do without them
11/04/2019 by Karen
These little inserts really do help avoid smelly socks. A little pricey but, in the end, well worth it.
02/13/2019 by Iris
Really good.
Great Product!
12/19/2018 by Nick
Its a great product. I tried multiple similar products but nothing came even close to this. I can only recommend it for you to try it out.
They are great!
12/02/2018 by Jean-Marc
These soles are a must for summer shoes in which you don't wear socks. Fights effectively smelly feet and keeps you cool and dry
Awesome product!
11/26/2018 by Pia
I am absolutely convinced of Zederna insoles. They really work against bad smell and transpiration. Especially, I recommend them during summer months, since they look pretty stylish in my shoes when wearing them without socks! Awesome product. Thank you Zederna.
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Anti-Odor Cedar Wood Insoles

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Cedar wood insoles combat odor and moisture, and they do it au natural. Because cedar has antibacterial properties that effectively thwart sweat and neutralize smells, it’s a smart choice to keep feet dry and comfortable. The ultra-thin, flexible, and lightweight insoles have a cotton backing and are easy to trim down to get the just-right fit in just about any shoes. They work without socks, too.


Wood inside your shoe might seem like an unlikely (and potentially uncomfortable) odor-fighting choice, but the cedar wood insoles from Zederna harness that wood’s natural antibacterial properties to neutralize smells and absorb moisture. The ultra-thin insoles are lightweight and flexible. You can even trim them down with scissors to get the just-right fit in your shoes.

Cedar wood has long been used to repel insects and keep clothing fresh, like in cedar closets. It contains chemical compounds that prevent decay and eliminate bacteria so well that it’s even used to ward off athlete’s foot and fungus. The insoles are made in Germany by a family-run company to deliver a natural remedy in an eco- and foot-friendly way that will keep feet feeling and smelling good. more Their Story