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Zig & Go Chain Reaction Set

Premium, colorful wooden pieces · Play alone or with others

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$34.95 – $57.95

  • A wooden building game of chain reactions that requires careful thinking. Use skill to position the pieces, use their weight to determine their speed, and gauge the distances between them
  • Copy the designs in the step-by-step instruction booklet to build courses, or make up your own—the possibilities are endless
  • All the kits in the collection are compatible, for even more inventive action-reaction courses
  • Video accessible via a QR code
  • Invent endless courses for hours of fun
  • Play alone or with others
  • Premium, colorful wooden pieces
  • Made in China




Roll (28 Piece): One 28-piece set, two metal marbles, instruction booklet; Music (52 Piece): One 52-piece set, three metal marbles, three wood marbles, instruction booklet; Wroom (45 Piece): One 45-piece set, five metal marbles, instruction booklet


(packaging) 2" x 10" x 10"


1.6 lbs


Wood, metal


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