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Zōk Relief
Natural Head Tension Reliever

Natural relief for headache symptoms · Clinically tested · Made by a chiropractor

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This clinically-tested tension reliever is Made in the USA by a chiropractor to help folks naturally ease headache symptoms. The device fits in an ear canal to target cranial nerve receptors with gentle influxes of pressure. This can help relieve some of the tension and strain that often comes with a headache.

  • Made in Washington, Utah
  • View instructions for more information on use
  • Provides relief by stimulating the tympanic membrane, which activates the trigeminal nerve and a number of cranial nerves inside the head through inner-ear pressure modulation. This provides instant alleviation of pressure and tension inside the head, which are associated with the symptoms of headaches and migraines
  • Immediately reduce headache and migraine symptoms through unilateral pressure stimulation
  • Naturally reduces tension and pressure inside the head
  • Class I medical device listed and registered with the FDA
  • Please note: Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use this device to treat the symptoms of colds, fevers, ear infections, or other conditions of the ear canal. Consult with a physician under these circumstances
Made in the USA


One Natural Head Tension Reliever


1.6" x 4.25" x 1.25"


0.04 lb


Medical-grade plastic and silicone. 100% latex-free


Clean with cleaning alcohol or antibacterial wipes


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Zōk Relief

When Spencer Glasgow consulted with Zōk Relief Maker Dr. John Hatch, a chiropractor, he finally experienced relief from debilitating headaches—after unsuccessful meetings with close to 40 physicians. Dr. Hatch’s headache relief device worked so well for Spencer, the duo decided to team up and share this natural method with other headache sufferers. It took three years of testing and developing to fine-tune the device that can help target headache pain by creating a light influx of pressure that stimulates cranial nerve receptors in the ear canal. This sends a “rest” message to the brain stem that can help ease symptoms like tension, pulsation, and uncomfortable pressure. The tool can work two different ways, and there’s a little bit of a learning curve to using it. Try both to see which feels best and to help experience a measure of relief.

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