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  • Wine Preserver Cartridge Refills by ZOS - 1
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Wine Preserver Cartridge Refills

by ZOS

Full Details

  • Instructions: Attach cartridge to a ZOS Wine Preserver (sold separately) and insert into bottle like a stopper
  • Cartridge can be reused for up to fifteen bottles of wine
  • Contents in the cartridge meet U.S. FDA Standards for food content
  • Made in China
Cartridge: Proprietary blend of biodegradable non-toxic ingredients
Container is recyclable
Two refill cartridges
4" x 1.1" diameter
0.2 lb


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Wine Preserver Cartridge Refills

by ZOS

starting at $15.00
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Created for use with the ZOS wine preserver, these easy-to-use cartridges quickly absorb 100% of the oxygen that can damage and dull open bottles of wine. Containing non-toxic, biodegradable materials, each cartridge can work its absorbing magic on up to 15 bottles of wine. A tester lets you know when a cartridge needs replacement.
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Inspiration can strike at the least likely moments. For ZOS Maker Greg Luzaich, it happened one morning when he was cleaning up the aftermath of a party he’d hosted the night before. Six nearly-full wine bottles sat on his counter, slowly going bad. After pouring $200 of wine down the drain, he decided to create a way to preserve open bottles.
Greg spent twelve years in the wine preservation business before launching ZOS, which is based in California’s wine country. The unique stopper-and-cartridge design removes oxygen from open bottles. Fun (or not so fun) fact: exposure to oxygen is what makes wine go bad. Now you can open, seal, and reopen a bottle and enjoy a glass of wine that will taste as good as the first one.