Smartphone Crossbody Clutch

By Pursecase

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Pursecase is a quilted silicone case that looks like a petite, designer handbag. It’s a sophisticated way to protect your phone while still being able to use the screen and the camera. The slim pocket also keeps essentials—like credit cards, an ID, and cash—close at hand. And the embellished chain lets you wear it cross-body or over your wrist.

  • Materials: Silicone and lead-free aluminum
  • The silicone material offers a rubbery protective shield for your iPhone and an easy-to-hold grip
  • Pocket gives you the ability to carry cash, ID, and credit cards
  • Chain handle doubles as a bracelet
  • Includes a credit card-sized mirror
  • Able to use the jack plug and charging port while phone is in Pursecase as well as all iPhone functions
  • Chain clips to your Pursecase, slips over your shoulder, and turns the phone into a cross-body clutch
  • Chain length: 3' 10"
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 6.5" x 3.25" x 0.75"
  • Weight: 0.269 lb.

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Out of my hands!


This is actually my third Crossbody Clutch*. I am hard on things, but this is still a great solution to a variety of problems. Having your phone phone with you wherever you are is a modern necessity, and in my building there are a variety of times and situations in which you need to swipe your ID. Having the phone, my cards, and a little cash in this "purse" that I can throw over my shoulder means that my hands are free for everything else I am carrying. I see women trying, awkwardly, to have their phone in their hands while the men have theirs in their pockets. They automatically look weaker. This smart little solution keeps us polished and capable looking. I use mine every day, at work and on weekends.

One thing I have not seen pointed out is that when you are actually using the phone, you can slip the little "handle" over the back of your hand while the phone is in you palm. Just one more level of security.

*The part I have broken, twice, is the place where the metal loops connect to the plastic of the case. That area seems to be reinforced on my latest purse.
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Adorable, Convenient, Great Gift!


Bought this for my sister-in-law who had back surgery and was using a walker. She's quite the fashionista and needed a way to carry her phone but keep her hands free. It was such a hit that several of her friends have purchased it!More > < Less


Everyone loved it!


The first time I used this, everyone loved it, asked where I got it, and remembered it from Shark Tank. I am giving one as a Christmas gift. I like the gray color, it is very subtle.More > < Less


The perfect accessory gift for my daughter


I had my own Pursecase from Grommet and while visiting her i noticed it was hard for her to keep track of her iPhone or to dig down into the baby's bag to find it.
It was also a concern of mine that dropping it onto a sidewalk or hard surface could damage it, so I told her I'd like to order one for her.
She said it arrived in perfect condition and she loves it for all the reasons stated.
The Grommet makes shopping more fun because the merchandise is unique. Everyone seems to find the products cleverly created and well- made.
I appreciate the personal attention and connection I get when I communicate with Grommet customer service or other personnel.
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Love it!


Great little purse! Size is perfect! Love the detachable chain to wear 2 different ways! Great purchase!

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Who’s calling? A to-die-for phone case.

About Pursecase

Stylin’ & Dialin’

Pursecase turns your phone into a tiny designer purse. This silicone phone case cleverly mimics a quilted handbag. Carry your phone in style, and hands-free, over your shoulder or wrist.

As functional as it is adorable, Pursecase won’t interfere with your phone’s screen or camera. You’re free to dial, scroll, and even take pictures.

A small pocket lets you carry other essentials, like an ID, credit cards, and cash. And the compact mirror comes in handy to check yourself on the go.

Founder Kelley Coughlan Weaver is a busy publicist who wanted a fashionable way to carry her phone. So she invented one, then brought it to "Shark Tank” and got funding for her phone purse.

If someone stops and asks where you got your Pursecase, don’t be surprised. We’ve had many impressed passersby question us about this new must-have accessory.