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Brisket & Meat Trimmer

By Qwick Trim

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Trim fat like a pro. This Made in the USA brisket and meat trimmer slices through fat and silver skin quickly and easily thanks to a high-quality stainless steel blade and a sturdy handle. The tool’s design allows you to make parallel cuts while keeping one hand on the meat for improved safety. Perfect for both novice and professional cooks, and dishwasher safe.

  • Made in the USA: Indianapolis, IN
  • Materials: Handle: Polypropylene; Blade: Stainless steel
  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • Instructions: For best results, chill meat in the fridge before use to about 38-42 degrees. Hold the meat with one hand and trim with the other hand with the blade parallel to the cutting surface. Take long passes versus chipping away at the fat. For silver skin, score the fat to get below the layer before trimming
  • For use with all fat cap laden meats i.e. brisket, pork shoulder, whole strip loin, whole porterhouse, and whole rib-eye
  • Great for hunters for trimming away silver skin
  • Dimensions: 7" x 3" x 3.5"
  • Weight: 0.5 lb.

20 Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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Quick Trim


Most Excellent! I love this. Glad I own my Quick Trim!


Great tool for my BBQ prep work


I do a lot of Tri-Tip and bacon. The hardest part to the prep is removing the excess fat. It is especially hard on pork belly. Leaving the juste just right amount of fat is a task. This tool is worth every penny in my book!More > < Less


Fantastic Product


Bought this for my husband, who does competition BBQ and he loves it. It saves so much time - we actually purchased a 2nd one for one of his team mates.More > < Less


A wonderful gift


Bought for gifts. Will have to wait until after Christmas. But sure son and son-in law will enjoy. Thank you.


Meat trimmer


I bought two trimmers & will buying another in the future!
Great product.

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About Qwick Trim

Brisket Boss

Rob Wheeler developed the Qwick Trim meat trimmer to make the fat-removing job quicker, easier, and safer for the staff at his barbecue catering company in Hawaii. The team there can trim up to 50 briskets a day.

The tool is Made in the USA and is perfect for amateur BBQers, professional chefs, and everyone else in between. Its stainless steel blade is the same as a medical-grade surgical one, so you know you’re getting a precision cut. The sturdy handle allows you to have one hand on the meat (for better grip) as you make parallel passes away from your body with your other hand, removing fat and silver skin with each pass. Qwick Trim works beautifully on a variety of cuts of meat, including whole porterhouse, whole ribeye, and, of course, brisket.