Set of 3 Chef Knives

By R. Murphy Knives

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Chef set includes: 6 in. chef knife, 5 in. fillet knife and 3 in. paring knife.

  • Made in the USA
  • Materials: Blade: High carbon steel (1095); Handle: Honduran rosewood
  • Care: Hand wash your knives before using for the first time and after food preparation, in hot water with a mild detergent instead of the dishwasher
  • Blade is precision ground, hand-edged, and honed resulting in a superior, long-lasting edge
  • The blade and tang are fabricated from a single piece of steel. The tang is triple brass riveted to the handle, providing strength, durability, and perfect weight and balance
  • The handle is made of Honduran rosewood noted for its beauty and durability. Handles are infused with a wood stabilizer, and then hand polished to a high luster
  • Contoured handles are designed for comfort and a variety of grips
  • Each blade is cryogenically treated, substantially increasing edge retention
  • Following assembly, each blade goes through a final buffing process, giving the knife its superior, razor-sharp, and long-lasting edge
  • With use, especially when in contact with acids (citrus, tomato, onion, etc.), a carbon blade will gray and blacken. While this appearance may not have the aesthetic appeal of stainless steel, the “patina” prevents the formation of the more oxidative common rust
  • A light coating of mineral oil periodically will protect the steel and wood, as well as enhance the look
  • Don't cut on a hard surface. We recommend wood or bamboo cutting boards and chopping blocks
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 11" x 2" x 0.75"
  • Weight: 0.4 lb.

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I bought these knives as a birthday present for my husband. Last night he declared that the they were excellent knives and he liked using them vey much.More > < Less


Terrific knives


Very sharp, enormously useful, well-balanced, perfect.


Way excellent knives


I gave the set of knives to my son the chef, just to see what he thought about them. Did they live up to the billing or not. Well, they went to his restaurant, and there they stay in use. Except for the big chef's knife. He liked that so much that he uses that at home in his own kitchen.More > < Less




My favorite knives over the years have all had carbon steel blades. They were obtained from from Sabatier. It is great to have a domestic source. The Grommet's choice for an assortment is not the best. A 6" chef knife is almost useless as a chef knife, too short. In my observation the knife you call a fillet knife is really a boning knife.More > < Less


impaired appearence


I love the knife - except for one "very small detail" - the blade began to stain (almost looked like rust) immediately after first use; could not clean.....any thoughts?

{Response from the Maker:

“Your knife is made from carbon steel for optimum performance. Carbon steel takes a superior edge from the first grind on and retains that sharp edge much longer than stainless steel. Blades resharpen easily at home, but cannot be left sitting around wet. With proper care the knife will develop a blue-gray patina which will helps resist rust. Just a quick wash and dry after each use will keep your knife in top condition.

If you do experience some staining or rusting, it can be easily cleaned with steel wool and an abrasive powder cleanser.”}
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When it comes to slicing and dicing, a good sharp knife makes all the difference. But sharpness is just one of the many attributes that makes R. Murphy Knives a cut above.

Since 1850, R. Murphy Knives have had a special place in the kitchens of cooks with discerning taste. The company is located in Ayer, Massachusetts where each knife is produced using a handcrafted manufacturing process for unparalleled quality and a more consistent edge.

All R. Murphy Knives are precision ground, hand edged, and honed of carbon steel, which retains its edge longer and re-sharpens in a few swipes. Contoured handles are made of woods like Honduran Rosewood, known for beauty and strength. For added durability, each handle is infused with a wood stabilizer before being hand polished to a high luster.

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