Retractable Leash

By Rad Dog

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Collar and leash in one for convenient off-leash dog walks and swims. Leash is made from ultra strong Spectra (Kevlar) cord that retracts into the collar.

  • Made in the USA
  • Care: Safe for swimming in fresh and salt water. Recommended to rinse after salt water swimming
  • Retractable leash is 3.5 feet long
  • Be sure your dog is properly leash trained before using the Release N Run
  • See Sizing Chart to ensure proper fit. Fit is based on weight and neck size
  • Dimensions: Small/Medium: 1.5" at widest part; Large/X Large: 2.25" at widest part
  • Weight: 0.4 lb.

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Really Works for Us

6/9/2015 by Jill

This collar is excellent! We take lots of hikes and our Ridgeback never leaves us when off leash. We can keep her off leash on the trail and when a hiker or biker comes a long we quickly grab the leash and take her off the trail and keep her on leash till everyone has passed. Also really handy to use the leash walking on the road to the hiking trail. She is 93 pounds and very strong but I feel the Rad collar would hold her if needed. No more her dragging her leash or us carrying it! It's really well made, so far no issues. When pulling the leash out it gives a sort of zip sound, which actually is a plus for us because then our dog knows she is on leash. I'm so glad we have purchased this product!More > < Less


Works great!

12/21/2013 by Ashley

I just bought this for a friend with a new baby German Shepherd. She is graduating from constantly wearing a long leash to needing a new solution, so I thought of this. We used it today and it came in handy so many times that I am buying one for my dog. The only thing I worried about is the sturdiness of the cord, but it held up to today's use so it should be good for normal activities (they say it is kevlar so it should be fine). I might wish for the leash cord to be a bit longer, but over all a fabulous product.More > < Less



10/20/2013 by BethElle

We have had this product for about 3 weeks. We use it every day. We have a naturally off-leash dog, (automatically stays near her people) but around traffic or in mandatory leash situations, having this leash around her neck always available is a very good idea. I do not need to wear a leash around my neck like a necklace when we go hiking: SHE does! Win/win!

Our previous dog was a beagle who required a constant leash. After using this product, I could say this leash would do well for him, too- a strong puller- but in the case of a strong puller, this would NOT make an adequate main leash. It would, however, make an ideal emergency leash for when he got free and I had to drag him home.

I ordered black and received red, but did not complain because the red looked nice.
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Recommend dog collar

7/23/2013 by Yvonne

My dog Zeus just had knee surgery and he needed to be restricted with his activity. I bought the leash and put it on him right away. It worked out great for both of us. It is so convenient because his leash is right there. No more looking around for a leash to hook on the collar. I love it and it works great. I would recommend it to any dog owner.More > < Less



2/13/2019 by M N Latona

The collar/leash works. However, if you have an overly active Lab, like we do, inadvertently grabbing the very thin leash component can cause burns on your hands.More > < Less

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Rad Dog - Release N Run Leash

About Rad Dog

Double-Duty Dog Collar

What’s better than leash-free play for your favorite pooch? Not having to carry the leash once your dog is running free.

Brian Dagnon was sick of carrying an empty leash when he went trail running in the Pacific Northwest with his dog Fletcher. He and his fiancé Paula Johnson came up with the idea for a retractable leash built into a collar, so they could let Fletcher run and swim freely but still have access to a leash when they needed it. The leash had to be strong enough to control large dogs like Fletcher, a 110-pound black lab who likes to chase deer and crows. But it also had to be compact.

After years of prototyping and many miles of running, Brian and Paula debuted the Release N Run collar. It’s made with Spectra, a lightweight fiber that’s 15 times stronger than steel. Inside there’s a retracting mechanism that was originally designed for scuba gear (so you know it can handle a swim in salt water) and for securing military weapons (so you know it’s reliable).

Your best friend deserves to run around without a leash every once in a while. So do you. Get ready to romp unencumbered.