Retractable Leash

By Rad Dog

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Collar and leash in one for convenient off-leash dog walks and swims. Leash is made from ultra strong Spectra (Kevlar) cord that retracts into the collar.

  • Made in the USA
  • Care: Safe for swimming in fresh and salt water. Recommended to rinse after salt water swimming
  • Retractable leash is 3.5 feet long
  • Be sure your dog is properly leash trained before using the Release N Run
  • See Sizing Chart to ensure proper fit. Fit is based on weight and neck size
  • Dimensions: Small/Medium: 1.5" at widest part; Large/X Large: 2.25" at widest part
  • Weight: 0.4 lb.

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Great Idea BUT too dangerous...

1/3/2019 by Kristin

What the description and reviews don't tell you from the packaging: "NEVER- use by or near infants or children as the cord could easily cut them causing severe injury; allow anyone to come into contact or touch the leash portion while in use-severe injuries such as cutting or AMPUTATION may result; never let go of the handle when fully or partially extended. This may injure your dog or others in the vicinity of the leash, etc." I walk both my dogs together. It would be impossible to assure that their leashes not become crossed at times during a walk and when another dog comes along the trail, when one would want to grab the handle, the sniffing, greeting behaviors often result in crossed leashes. This leash is so narrow, it's almost like wire and risking amputation of a finger or a dog's leg is not worth the convenience of walking leash free. Not quite ready for sale-I'm returning both leashes. I'm surprised Grommet would allow this to be sold given the warnings of amputation that could occur during normal use.More > < Less

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Rad Dog - Release N Run Leash

About Rad Dog

Double-Duty Dog Collar

What’s better than leash-free play for your favorite pooch? Not having to carry the leash once your dog is running free.

Brian Dagnon was sick of carrying an empty leash when he went trail running in the Pacific Northwest with his dog Fletcher. He and his fiancé Paula Johnson came up with the idea for a retractable leash built into a collar, so they could let Fletcher run and swim freely but still have access to a leash when they needed it. The leash had to be strong enough to control large dogs like Fletcher, a 110-pound black lab who likes to chase deer and crows. But it also had to be compact.

After years of prototyping and many miles of running, Brian and Paula debuted the Release N Run collar. It’s made with Spectra, a lightweight fiber that’s 15 times stronger than steel. Inside there’s a retracting mechanism that was originally designed for scuba gear (so you know it can handle a swim in salt water) and for securing military weapons (so you know it’s reliable).

Your best friend deserves to run around without a leash every once in a while. So do you. Get ready to romp unencumbered.