Automatic Cord Winders

Organize Your Cords

Nearly every device in our everyday life needs a cord to charge and we are taxed with constantly carrying them around everywhere. If tangled cords are a constant problem for you, Recoil Cord Winders are the solution.

David Alden was frustrated with tangled cords and headphones, so he set out to create a device that would keep
his tech accessories in tact. The result of his efforts is Recoil Cord Winders, a system that instantly and automatically winds and organizes cords and cables. Spring-loaded and totally automatic, this unique cord management product keeps your headphones, earbuds and chargers tangle free, perfectly protected and ready for use. The Medium Winder will wind all of your headphones, and most lightweight USB and charging cords up to 47", while the larger version will wind the rest of your small diameter cords and cables up to 60" long.

Say goodbye to that tangled mess in your work bag or desk drawer and get organized with this functional solution.
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RecoilWinders - cord management system

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