Automatic Cord Winders Combo Pack

By Recoil

$27.95 More on the way


The spring-loaded and totally automatic design makes this a unique cord management product that keeps your headphones, earbuds, chargers and more tangle-free, perfectly protected, and ready for use.

  • The combination pack comes with three Winders, two medium and one large
  • The Medium Winder is designed for headphones and earbuds, USB cords, and small diameter charging cables, and will perfectly fit all 30 Pin, Lightning and other iDevice cords and cables. It will wind most cords up to 60" long
  • The Large Winder is perfect for most types of chargers, gaming cables, smartphone or tablet chargers, USB cords, cables, and cords up to 80" in length
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Medium: 2.5" x 1.5" x .75"; Large: 2.75" x 2" x 1"
  • Weight: 0.5 lb.

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Please get these back!


I ordered twice and I love these. I need the larger sizes now. They are perfect and work to pull up the cord and store it in a snap, literally. Just like that, snap, cord stored. I haven't used anything quite as efficient as this. It is a little pricey for me, but I still want to order the larger size. Really hope they come back in stock.More > < Less


Unpopular gift


Gift for my husband, and he never used it; thought it was a goofy idea. Oh, well.


Love these! I want more


Are there any plans to make one in a small size? I have thin cords for my Tens unit and have been messing around with rubber bands every time I use it. It would be so easy to use a small Recoil to wind up the cords when I'm done!!More > < Less




I love them, perfect for cords and headphones


Great produce


This is a great product for keeping all those cords untangled and organized. The medium size is great for smalled usb charge cords etc. The large size is great for large charging cables and the small is great for earbuds. I intend to order two more sets.More > < Less

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RecoilWinders - cord management system

About Recoil

Organize Your Cords

Nearly every device in our everyday life needs a cord to charge and we are taxed with constantly carrying them around everywhere. If tangled cords are a constant problem for you, Recoil Cord Winders are the solution.

David Alden was frustrated with tangled cords and headphones, so he set out to create a device that would keep his tech accessories in tact. The result of his efforts is Recoil Cord Winders, a system that instantly and automatically winds and organizes cords and cables. Spring-loaded and totally automatic, this unique cord management product keeps your headphones, earbuds and chargers tangle free, perfectly protected and ready for use. The Medium Winder will wind all of your headphones, and most lightweight USB and charging cords up to 47", while the larger version will wind the rest of your small diameter cords and cables up to 60" long.

Say goodbye to that tangled mess in your work bag or desk drawer and get organized with this functional solution.