The Stinger Cold Massage Roller

By Recoup Fitness

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A well-rounded way to relieve your post-workout soreness. This massage roller ball combines foam rolling and icing therapy into a single sphere, so you can soothe your sore muscles at home. Leave it in the freezer—the gel interior stays cold up to six hours—so you can relax any ache, inflammation, or spasm one roll at a time.

  • Made in the USA: San Francisco, CA
  • Materials: Roller ball: 201 stainless steel and non-toxic cooling gel; Handle: ABS plastic
  • Care: Hand wash or disinfect with wipe/spray
  • Before use, remove ball from base and place in the freezer for two hours or more
  • Stays cold up to 6 hours
  • Uniquely fitted handle keeps hands away from direct contact with cold roller
  • Cold roller can be used inside grip or for free-rolling
  • Great for getting into hard to reach muscle groups
  • Dimensions: 4" x 3" x 4"
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs.

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Love it


love it, works really well, stays very cold during use.




Worked great on sore legs, and on my knee after my knee replacement healed up, but would still swell during physical therapy.


Apply COLD Where You Need It!


This item works very well in applying cold to a confined area, right where you need it.


Smart idea


Seems to work just as advertised! Isn't that refreshing in this day!!


Improves quality of life.


I accidentally ordered two and was going to send the extra ball back, but I love it so much I kept it, thinking it would make a great gift. But as each day goes by I wonder if I could part with it. Not that I need an extra. The ball is sturdy and stays cold so long and chills so quickly there's no need for a spare. It's just that I love it so much. Let me explain:. I have a hip injury. With a conventional ice pack it's hard to hone in on exactly where the ice is needed and then hard to hold it there long enough because it warms up. The ball feels colder but doesn't burn the skin like an unprotected reusable ice sack, and with the ball it's easy to zero in on the areas that need it. It's easier to use, so I'm using it more and my body feels like it's healing better. I probably will give the spare as a gift when I decide who is most worthy of it.More > < Less

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Muscle aches? Roll this on.

About Recoup Fitness

Recovery Routine

Use this American made massage roller ball to get the benefits of foam rolling and icing—for a well-rounded, muscle-relaxing therapy.

It works a lot like an icepack. Inside the rolling sphere is a non-toxic gel that can stay cold up to six hours after a night in the freezer. Cold therapy reduces your metabolic rate and the release of lactic acid that causes your muscles to ache.

After a workout, relieve strain or inflammation by massaging the roller over your muscles. Free roll it or place it in the specially designed rubber grip so your hand doesn’t get cold.

Maker and athlete Matt Hyder was trying to ease his own post-workout ache when he came up with the idea for Recoup Fitness. It’s a combination of the methods he already knew worked.

Now you can soothe your sore muscles and enhance your recovery routine right at home.