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This hybrid phone fidget spinner, ring grip, and kickstand is both practical and addictively hypnotic. It attaches to the back of your phone to prop it up or spin smoothly without friction. Download the free companion apps to project mesmerizing kaleidoscope-like patterns as you spin.

  • Materials: Aluminum alloy & premium bearing
  • Can be held as a ring holder or used as a kickstand
  • Works with both smartphones and tablets
  • Lightweight, low profile design
  • Specially designed bearings spin for up to three minutes
  • Spinner works great as a fidget or anxiety device
  • Premium bearings and durable aluminum create smooth spinning performance
  • Advanced 3M adhesive for a durable hold
  • Color spinning app available on the App Store and Google Play
  • App provides kaleidoscoping images and light effects. Users can customize light show within the app
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 1.7" x 1.25" x 0.24"
  • Weight: 0.02 lb.

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After buying 3 none have lasted long

2/19/2018 by Kristen

I bought the 1st for my son and loved it so much that I purchased 1 for myself. Before mine arrived, my son pointed out that his was no longer working and the part that props the phone up or that you would place your find through to hold it would no longer hold the phone up because the ring was coming loose. I assumed that it must have been due to the improper care that my 12 yr old may have put on it as must kids do with things. I immediately ordered him a replacement and then within a week of placing mine on my phone, mine broke in the same manner as well. We went ahead and placed the replacement that u ordered on my sons phone and already within a couple of days his is already beginning to show signs of coming loose as well. I loved the idea of these and we both truly enjoyed them when they worked properly but we will no longer purchase anymore and I would not recommend them to anyone else.More > < Less


Fun for up to a week.

2/1/2018 by Alexandria

First, you have to accurately measure so the spinner is placed in the very center of the phone. Mine is slightly off center (I used the guides on the packaging to align the attachment) and spinning is not smooth. Second, the loop loosens and flops around, getting caught on pockets and in the purse,. Third, after about a week of use, the attachment pin for the loop falls out and is lost and the loop falls off and gets lost as well. Fourth, The adhesive is very strong, removal of the remaining portion of the spinner is impossible, damaging the surface of the phone case. $15 well spent?? It was fun for a week.More > < Less


Poor quality

1/4/2018 by Jennifer

Gave this to my son in his Christmas stocking and he Loved it. Until it broke 7 days later. This product clearly was not stress tested and was a waste of money.More > < Less


not impressed

11/12/2017 by Lori

I'm sorry to say that I really dislike this phone grip. I did not know that the "spinner" was going to be such a pain. I just wanted the ring to help me hold my phone and the stand to stand it up. Now whenever I just lay my phone down it just spins around however it feels. Very annoying. And the stand is practically useless as the phone just tips over. I love the Grommet, but this is a 'fail' for me.More > < Less


It dose not stay on the phone.

11/3/2017 by Terrie

It worked a few times. I wouldn’t get it.

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Turn your entire phone into a fidget spinner.

About RingSpinner


Transform your phone into a fidget spinner that’s fun to play with AND practical. This attachment provides the same hypnotic effect as a spinner, while doubling as a stand and grip for your phone.

It’s as amusing to watch as it is to use. The folks who engineered it created two companion apps loaded with kaleidoscope designs so you can mesmerize spectators (or yourself) as you fidget. And the strong hinge creates a smooth, frictionless spin that can go on steadily for up to three minutes and barely slows down.

When you’re not entertaining the masses with your light spectacles, its ring design gives you a better grip on your phone and can even be used to prop your phone up.

When we were first introduced to Ring Spinner, it kept us entertained for a while. We really like that it combines a playful element with a practical, quality phone grip.