Kitchen Hack: Make Cheap Wine Taste Expensive

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Food & Wine, News & Notes, November 2009 So on a grad student/nanny/blogger paycheck, I don’t really get to peruse the aisles of my local gourmet market for the latest and greatest pinot noir on the shelves. Let’s be real, I pretty much dove into the Whole Foods fridge to get the special $9.99 champagne on V-day. And the 2 Buck Chuck section of Trader Joe’s? Get. At. Me.

This kind of blows when I’m having people over who want to drink real wine, not my amateur interpretation of wine. So I hacked it.

Wines, especially cheap wines, need some room to breathe, or “aerate.” Rather than letting it sit in a glass for an hour or leaving the bottle open all night, here are two options to aerate that cheap wine in a snap — making it instantly amazingly delicious. These tricks have worked for me with even the nastiest of wines, even Yellowtail!! (Sorry Yellowtail).

1. The Blender. This sounds totally crazy, but trust me, it works. Pour the bottle of wine into the blender. Blend for a few seconds to a minute and pour into a pitcher or, if you actually are a fancy pants, a decanter. It’ll taste like magic.

2. The pitcher. No blender? No problem. Pouring your wine into a big open pitcher will help it breathe. Leaving the pitcher uncovered for 10-15 minutes will leave the wine tasting faaaannntastic.

I know, I know, I’m pretty much a wizard.

What’s your fav wine? Did this hack work for you?!

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