Athena Personal Safety Device

By ROAR for Good

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This personal alarm for women—or anyone who wants some peace of mind—sends GPS notifications to your emergency contacts via a Bluetooth. Press once and hold to sound a hi-frequency alarm and simultaneously alert contacts with your location. Or press three times to silently send a distress signal to your chosen contacts. Keep it in your purse or pocket for some peace of mind.

  • Materials: Aluminum shell, thermoplastic elastomer band, 6 LED lights, 2 buzzers, LiPo battery
  • Care: Wipe with microfiber cloth
  • Includes one wearable device, micro-USB charging cable, and set-up instructions
  • Instructions: Download “ROAR Personal Safety” app and follow instructions to pair device to phone via Bluetooth. Attach to clothing, bag, pocket, or wear as a pendant. To activate alarm mode, press & hold button for 3 seconds or more to sound a high frequency alarm and send distress message with location to contacts. SilentROAR mode can be activated by pressing button three times to send a silent alert
  • Alarm mode is for emergency situations, with the goal to scare away attacker
  • SilentROAR mode is for situations where an audible alert is not warranted, discreet situations, or where the user feels uncomfortable and does not want to sound an alarm
  • Modular, can be worn anywhere; attach it to clothing, bag, pocket, or wear it as a pendant
  • Uses phone's GPS to send location to emergency contacts
  • Certified B-Corp company and mission
  • For each Athena sold, ROAR for Good donates a portion of proceeds to educational programs that increase empathy in youth and help prevent violence
  • 90+db high frequency alarm
  • Micro-USB rechargeable battery; lasts up to two weeks on single charge
  • Recessed button, non-slip material, light/vibration indicators
  • Compatible with iOS 9+ and Android 6.0.1+ devices
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 0.5" x 0.1"
  • Weight: 0.13 lb.

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Got a Teenager?


Purchased this to add a little security to my granddaughter's life as well as mine. Now we both know that she can be found and her situation corrected if she has issues. Put her father and I both at ease. Some of her friends parents were so impressed that they ordered them for their daughters.More > < Less




I didn't purchase this advice, but I love the idea of it. Instead of a whistle or a clip on, why not make it a wearable piece of jewelry. Maybe like a charm or something? That way it's on your body at all times. Easy to click on during a panic moment. It won't fall off your clothing. And it's a little more discreet and obvious to what it is. I wish someone would come up with something like that. Especially for kids. Attaching it to their backpacks isn't really ideal. They don't always have their backpacks on them. And this clip on can easily get lost or they forget to clip it. A piece of jewelry is always on you. I never remove my necklace or bracelet. Something small and fashionable would be awesome! Someone, PLEASE invent this idea!!!! PLEASE!

FYI, I never tried this items so I apologize for the putting 5 stars. I just wanted to voice my idea and not give it a 1 star. I have high hopes for this item.
More > < Less




I bought this product for my daughter who likes to hike, bike and run by herself. I like the idea that if she were to set ouff the alarm it would also alert her contacts to her location . My daughter really likes this product.More > < Less


Recipient didn't get much good out of it


I got one for my daughter because she lives and works in a very dangerous city. She appreciated it very much and used it faithfully... until it fell off of her purse, where she kept it attached (so as not to take a chance on accidentally washing it). She felt really bad because of what it had cost me. Maybe in future a better attachment for purses, backpacks, belts etc. could be provided.More > < Less

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A safety alarm that builds safer communities.

About ROAR for Good

Safety Signal

This personal alarm for women—or anyone who wants some extra piece of mind—can alert friends and loved ones of your location.

Athena is a discreet wearable that sends GPS notifications to emergency contacts via Bluetooth. Attach it to your clothes, bag, or backpack. Or even wear it as a pendant.

There are two modes. One sounds an obvious, high-frequency alarm to frighten attackers as it simultaneously send a distress message, with your location, to your chosen contacts. The other mode, called SilentROAR, alerts your contacts in a silent, discreet way.

Co-founder Yasmine Mustafa was moved to start Athena after solo-trek through South America where she met locals and travelers who had been victims of assault. ROAR for Good is a certified B-Corp that, besides inventing a device, is helping change the environment that makes women unsafe. They run educational programs to teach youth about healthy, respectful relationships and treatment of others.