Lever Balancing Strategy Game

By Rock Me Archimedes

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This marble board game has a teeter-tottering surface that lays an exciting, suspenseful foundation for play. Win by getting all of your marbles to the end of the board or by tricking the other player into losing (aka: tipping the board so it touches the table).

  • Materials: Beechwood & glass
  • Includes: Lever game board, wooden platform, 12 black marbles, 12 white marbles, 1 die, marble tray, and instructions
  • Engages visual perception and decision-making skills
  • Requires critical thinking and strategy
  • Average game time: 15-20 minutes
  • Number of players: 2 players
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • Warning: This game contains marbles which may present a choking hazard for children - not for children under 3 years
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 16.8" x 4.13"
  • Weight: 2.45 lbs

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Thank you Archimedes!

4/6/2018 by Sandra

My students gave this a total thumbs up! I purchased this recently (waiting for the Grommet to get more in so I can get it from the Grommet) as a fun addition to the "Bellz" game (a total winner too) for my advisory class. They are very into games, and will be honest with me if there is a game that does not wow them. Well, the reaction was intense, great, and swift from my students! They cannot get enough of this game! Why? It involves strategy, thinking, and changes each time you play. It fosters communication. Students were praising each other's strategies, even when one was losing. I am going to get another one because more students want to play. One suggestion: could the company add a few "extra" marbles - someone dropped them, and there is ONE stray marble hiding in my class, somewhere, we don't know. So, I cannot recommend this highly enough. Thanks, Grommet, for featuring this.More > < Less


Great challenge

1/9/2018 by Ada

My Middle School students are loving this game. Several want to play it at the same time.


Simple and fun

1/2/2018 by Bob

got my teenage children to play against me many times already. simple fun and strategic in a easy game


Rock Me Archimedes

1/1/2018 by Andrew



Family fun

12/31/2017 by Laura

This game is terrific for bringing back family and friend times. Lose the tv and get playing and spending real time with those you love.

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Play a marble game on a seesaw.

About Rock Me Archimedes

Marble Board Game

This balancing-act of a marble board game is named after Archimedes, the famous Greek mathematician who discovered the laws of the lever.

Rock Me Archimedes is made from beautiful beechwood and the game is half strategy, half luck.

You win by getting all of your marbles to the end of the board or by tricking the other player into losing (aka: tipping the board so it touches the table). Sounds straightforward, right? Well, this is where the game gets interesting: the whole board sits on a teeter-tottering lever.

You’ll have to be nimble and weigh your options on each turn. Either add a new marble to the middle of the board, or roll the die to move any existing pieces that number of spaces.

When the game is over, Rock Me Archimedes’ unique wood design makes a great coffee table decoration until next time.