Bison Leather Front Pocket Wallet

By Rogue Industries


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Made in Maine, this men’s front pocket wallet has some advantages over the typical back pocket style. It’s safer to carry your billfold in the front, and can also be less stressful for your back. With its curved, slim design, this bison leather wallet fits perfectly into a front pocket, carrying both cash and cards comfortably. For extra protection, it has RFID blockers stitched in.

  • Made in the USA: Lewiston, ME
  • Materials: Genuine antique bison leather
  • Full-size banknote section
  • Fits comfortably in front pockets of pants
  • Contains 3 or 6 card slots, comfortably holds 6 or 12 credit cards
  • RFID-blocking protection
  • Dimensions: 5" x 3.4" x 0.25”
  • Weight: 0.106 lb.

140 Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great wallet

1/5/2019 by Mary

I bought this wallet for my husband & 2 sons. They all liked it, but it is a bit small.... they each said they would just have to get rid of some things they are carrying!!!More > < Less


excellent product

1/4/2019 by Jessieann

My husband loved it. And, I love it because now he won't put an overstuffed wallet in his shirt pocket which just looked awful. I had been telling him about this great idea but he always said My wallet is OK but when he saw the video on your website he said "Wow, that's great, yes, I would like that"

And, when it arrived it was even nicer than the pictures Thank you for a great product.
More > < Less


a perfect fit

1/3/2019 by Gail

My husband has wanted a front pocket wallet for several years. He's looked at many but for whatever reason didn't purchase any he had seen. I bought this one and gave to him for Christmas. He started using it right away and so far likes it, saying it's comfortable and holds all that he needs.More > < Less


Love it

1/1/2019 by Thomas

Great idea, well executed.


What I have been looking for!

1/1/2019 by James

For years I have kept my wallet in my front pocket, but it has always been a back pocket wallet stuck in a front pocket. NOT ANY MORE! Now there is a wallet designed to sit slimly and comfortably in your front pocket. Made of strong buffalo leather, this should last for years! Great innovation, great product. I recommend it HIGHLY!More > < Less

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About Rogue Industries


Michael Lyons began designing men’s front pocket wallets when he couldn’t find the right one for himself. Now along with his son Wells, he makes curved wallets to fit easily into curved front pockets.

Michael made the switch to the front pocket to make his back feel better. A trip to the doctor left him with a prescription to stop storing his wallet in his back pocket. It might sound like an odd diagnosis, but it proved true for Michael. And since most of the wallets he found were square or rectangular, they didn’t fit as well as they could—which spurred him to create Rogue Industries.

The Front Pocket Wallets are made in Maine from leather, like cow, bison, or even moose, and can comfortably carry cards and cash. And there’s added RFID protection, too. It’s safer—and can be healthier—to carry your wallet in a front pocket, and these ones are the perfect fit.