Space-Saving Packing Aid

By rollnband

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Pack more, and pack efficiently. rollnband makes traveling less stressful by keeping you organized before, during, and after your trip, reducing wrinkles and indicating clean and dirty clothes.

  • Made in the USA: Washington
  • Materials: Non-roll woven elastic with silicone label
  • Set includes: 5 small bands and 5 large bands
  • Reversible band has indicator label to display whether clothes are clean or dirty
  • Space saver: Rolling clothes reduces volume of clothing, allowing you to fit more into each bag
  • Pack outfits together so you can plan and keep sets easily organized
  • Dimensions: Small: 9" D x 0.75" W; Large: 10.5" D x 0.75" W
  • Weight: 0.05 lb.

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Love this product


These smelled when I got them so I washed them And let them soak over night and then rinsed in very Warm water and hung to dry. I travel a I travel a lot and
Pack small this really helps with my small
Suit case that is compact. I pack one outfit all
In one and have it rolled out the night before
No rinkles!
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Great buy


This is an awesome product. It made packing so much easier. I can fit so much more into my carry on




We purchased two sets of these bands. One as a gift and one for us. My husband retired a couple of years ago & we've been on the road quite a bit. We are so tired of having wrinkled clothes that this products seems like a godsend. More sets will probably purchased in the very near future. The packaging is more than adequate and it was shipped very quickly.More > < Less


Keep on Rollin'


Love these - second time I've ordered them. My husband and sons love them when camping.




I gave these to two family members that travel a lot, have not heard yet how they liked them.

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rollinband - space-saving packing aid

About rollnband

Ready to roll

Going somewhere? Don’t forget to pack with rollnband—a clever solution to keep your suitcase organized and your clothes ready to wear.

With a background in travel goods, Todd Masshardt knows a thing or two about packing. For example, he knows that rolling your clothing is the key to maximizing bag capacity and reducing wrinkles. He also knows that until he invented rollnband there was no easy way to keep packed items rolled and securely in place.

Manufactured in the USA, rollnband is made of woven elastic wide enough to stop rolled clothes from coming undone without snagging or leaving a mark like an ordinary rubber band would. If you’re packing for a child, you can roll entire outfits together so little ones can dress themselves without, well, looking like they dressed themselves. The rollnband also makes it simple to tell what’s clean and what’s not. After you’ve worn an item, just re-roll it and reverse the band to gray.

Whether you’re a world traveler, backpacker, biker or a weekend warrior, don’t leave home without rollnband. Happy packing.