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A simple and elegant solution to cultivating root cuttings, rootcup incorporates design and sustainability with functionality. The cup is ideal for cradling cuttings until the roots develop enough to be transplanted into a larger vessel. rootcup is designed to protect a cutting’s roots from light, allowing the roots to grow. Additionally, the cup’s lid is designed to easily capture water, which allows the cutting to grow with little attention. rootcups are BPA and phthalate free, insuring the growth of food that is safe for consumption.

Founder Michael Good, a former Apple engineer, developed rootcup when his friend’s daughter picked a rose cutting, which Good then placed into a sake cup. The roots grew until they were developed enough to be transplanted into the garden. Good experimented with different materials, including aluminum foil and clay, for the cup until he settled with the super-durable non-toxic elastomer used today. Assembly and packaging of the product is done at a rehabilitation workshop in San Francisco, and employs people who are otherwise unemployed due to disability.

rootcup is a great way to easily grow roots in your home or office without much care and little leakage. Nonporous, highly UV resistant, and waterproof, rootcup is small enough to keep on a desk or windowsill. Add a little green in your life without the mess or stress!
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