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By Rumi Spice

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Infuse your dishes with the exotic, earthy flavors and aromas of some of the world’s best saffron, all while helping to cultivate peace. Rumi Spice was founded by four U.S. military vets to unite Afghan saffron farmers with a world marketplace eager for the spice. Their partnership helps farmers escape the economic grip of the Taliban and instead gives them a sustainable path to financial independence.

  • Materials: Highest grade saffron threads and premium loose-leaf pinhead gunpowder green tea
  • A prized addition to your spice cabinet and an emblem of the historic Silk Road
  • Sustainably farmed and sourced directly from Afghan farmers
  • Includes classic 2-gram premium Afghan saffron in swing-top glass gift bottle, saffron + green tea kit, saffron cookbook, and an inscription of "Thank You" in Dari
  • Green tea kit includes organic loose-leaf green tea plus premier Afghan saffron with instructions on how to make tea the "Afghan" way
  • The rich, golden color of saffron tea comes from crocin, a component in the flower that is loaded with antioxidants
  • Tested in accordance with ISO 3632-2 as Category I (highest grade)
  • Saffron is a great addition to any dish—it has been the world's most coveted spice for centuries
  • The bright red stamen of the saffron flower are carefully handpicked to preserve aroma and flavor
  • Made in Afghanistan
  • Dimensions: 4.9" x 8.1" x 3.5"
  • Weight: 0.9 lb.

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12/22/2016 by Jennifer

Order came quickly, quality was high and I have enjoyed the saffron immensely.


Real peacemaking

8/31/2016 by Kathy

I can finally afford to buy saffron and have to admit that it is now a must for me. The mission of Rumi Saffron is truly a cooperative effort at working together for goof. Bless you!More > < Less


The best taste.

12/25/2015 by Daina

The best taste. Will buy again.


Expensive, but Good!

11/11/2015 by Linda

It is a little expensive, but the flavor is very good. I hadn't had saffron with green tea before. It makes my mouth tingle a little. Both of my roommates allergies cleared up for a couple of hours after drinking some of the tea and saffron mix.

The package itself was gift quality. I loved reading the brochure information provided with the set. This gift box would make a really nice present!
More > < Less


Amazing Product

10/7/2015 by Linda

Besides being a superior saffron for traditional cooking dishes, the addition to green tea has been amazing for me and my family. It appears to curb allergy symptoms for approximately four hours after consumption. We have experimented at different times during the day and before/after meals. The results have been the same for more than a dozen times over the last couple of months. Every other time one of my family members was suffering from allergy symptoms, we would prepare the tea as instructed and they would consume it warm or cold. The effects have been consistent.More > < Less

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Like nothing else in your spice cabinet.

About Rumi Spice

Operation: Flavor

Peace through saffron. That’s the mission of Rumi Spice, partnering with Afghan farmers and uniting them with saffron buyers around the globe.

Afghan saffron is some of the world’s best—distinct and delicious. The climate is perfect for growing the flowers, so this exotic spice has been a staple of Iberian, Northern African, and Middle Eastern cuisine for centuries. Surprisingly versatile, saffron is at turns earthy, bitter, and honey-like.

Often called “red gold,” it’s the world’s most expensive spice because a single pound takes 100,000 flowers. The stigmas must be carefully handpicked early every morning.

But even with such a lucrative crop, farmers in Afghanistan face perilous choices. The Taliban often lures them into growing poppy or opium plants by offering quick paydays.

Four U.S. military vets saw a great opportunity for change. They founded Rumi to empower Afghan farmers while lessening terrorist influence. Rumi partners with farmers and gives them the needed support to grow sustainable, profitable crops. The Founders visit the farms regularly to understand production costs, and Rumi even reinvests at least 10% of profits back into needed infrastructure—including processing facilities, drying machines, and support during harvesting season.

By connecting farmers directly with customers around the world, Rumi cuts out the middlemen and increases the farmer’s profits. The result is empowered, financially independent citizens.

Meanwhile, you’ll be getting a fresh culinary treasure, some of the very best of its kind, right from the source. Unlock the flavors, aromas, and bright golden color of this saffron in a variety of meats and stews. A little goes a long way, with just a few strands unleashing all of the spice’s tones.

You’ll taste the difference, and you’ll make a difference.