Portable Travel Safe


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SAFEGO is a portable safe you can take to the beach, pool, park, or even use at home. The strong ABS plastic is water- and sand-resistant. Attach the steel cable to your beach chair, picnic table, or any secure place that a would-be thief won’t—or can’t—run off with. Keep your wallet, phone, passport, jewelry, and other small valuables safe, anywhere.

  • Materials: ABS plastic, nickel-plated zinc alloy lock, steel cable
  • Care: Should not be submerged in water
  • Comes with 2 keys and a wrist coil band
  • 3 digit custom combination or key access
  • Heavy duty flexible steel cable allows you to securely lock your SAFEGO around it for stability (i.e. bedpost, beach chair, closet pole)
  • Earphone plug opening
  • Water-resistant, impact-resistant, heavy-duty materials
  • Comes factory set to combination 0-0-0. Turn keyport to the right to open
  • 88 cubic inches of interior safe space. Interior Dimensions: 6” tall; 6.75”-5.25” width; 2.25”-3” depth
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 7.5"
  • Weight: 1 lb.

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I wonder if sales go up when I come home from vacation. EVERYONE loves my safe!!! This safe has to be the best travel accessory I have boughtbought in my life. No more “oh honey you go get in the ocean and I will watch our cell phones,cash,room key”

So my review is GET this SAFEGO portable travel safe you will thank me later
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Portable peace of mind


At the beach, I would always be paranoid to leave my stuff unattended. This helps calm that unease of security. :)


Great Product


LOVE our SAFEGO! Finally a place to secure valuables while we are away from our beach/cruise chairs. The cable is long enough to secure it to two chairs for extra safety. Study too!More > < Less


Great for odd spaces and moderate security


This is my second purchase of this item. First one went to college with the first son, and now son 2 wanted one for his dorm room. These are great for dorms because they can attach to a bed frame, steam pipe, or other immobile item and can hold wallets. keys, ID's and most importantly, medications. It's durable, easy to use, and inconspicuous. Highly recommend for this purpose and others. And of course, it's sold here, which makes it easy to buy.More > < Less


Like it!


Really cool product!!

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What’s a portable safe?


Keep It Secure

Head to the beach, pool, park, or gym without having to worry about your valuables. SAFEGO is a portable safe that helps keep small items secure, wherever you are.

During a day at the beach, Maker Zack Perlman returned to his towel—only to find that his wallet, cellphone, and keys had been stolen. To help himself and other would-be targets, Zack created a strong, lightweight safe to use on the go.

SAFEGO’s strong ABS plastic is water- and sand-resistant. Attach its steel cable to a beach chair, umbrella, picnic table, or anything else that would be difficult to steal. This safe works at home, too—keep one in your closet, or let the kids store their treasures.

To set up your safe, set the padlock to 0-0-0 to open. Inside you’ll find instructions and a set of backup keys. There’s room for your phone, wallet, jewelry, passport, or even a small camera.

No matter where you are, your valuables belong to you. Keep them that way.