Modular Push-Through Pill Organizer

By Sagely


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This weekly pill organizer has flexibility built right in. Seven modular pods rest on a magnetized base and can be individually removed for easy transport. Each clear, roomy pod has push-through lids which are dual-colored for day and night and easy to use, especially for those with dexterity issues.

  • Materials: Pods: PMMA; Lids: Latex-free TPU; Base: ABS plastic, magnets. All materials are food grade and BPA-free
  • Care: Wash with warm water and soap and dry with a soft cloth
  • Instructions: Use your finger to push the pills from the lid into the container
  • Includes: Seven pill boxes and magnetized base
  • Easy push-through design to load pills
  • Easy-to-lift containers kept in place by the magnetized base
  • Vibrant two-color lids indicate day and night
  • Clear pods for easy viewing of your medications
  • Ergonomic design created with ease of use in mind. Perfect for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, and other manual dexterity issues
  • Fits large pills like fish oil, vitamin D, calcium, and multivitamins supplements
  • Free Sagely Pill Reminder App available for Apple and Android devices
  • Each compartment measures: 1.2" x 1.3"
  • Warning: As with all medication storage devices, keep out of reach of children
  • Designed in the USA
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 12.5" x 3.8"x 1.5"
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs

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Easy and large

6/14/2019 by Nancy

I have used this for 2 years and find I need another one for vitamins. Very convenient and large pills are not a problem.


This could not be better!

6/12/2019 by Andrea

I was put in charge of the medications for my in-laws. The means handling 46 pills a day between the two of them. It was a mess and difficult to deal with and as you can imagine, horribly time consuming.

I bought two of these for each of them. The ease of putting the pills on top to ensure each day has them and then pushing them through the silicone slits was a bonus I had not even thought of when I purchased them. They are magnetized so they do not fall off their base and have so much room.

Both of my in-laws have difficulty with arthritis and the silicone not only holds all in securely but you are able to easily lift each day and take out the pills.

I even love the color coding and it helps them. Gray for dusk and yellow for sunshine mornings. Its corny but its how they remember. I also have small tapes on each to note am and pm on the edges.

I cannot say enough about these.
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Bought 2. Worth every penny!

6/12/2019 by Marie

I use whole food vitamins so there are many to take in a day. Most pill containers are just too small. They all fit with room to spare. Much faster to fill because you don't have to aim. I love that I set them out on top and pop them through. They never fall out...even when traveling. I bought 2 so I could do 2 weeks at a time.More > < Less

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About Sagely

Push & Prep

Sagely pill organizer was invented by Ellie Glazer and Ivor Miskulin, a husband-and-wife team who sought the perfect pill box for Ivor’s grandfather’s medication. The duo spent three years designing their ideal solution.

Easy to set up—and just as easy to use—this organizer has flexibility built into every detail. The modular system is made up of seven roomy and clear pods that fit into a magnetic base. Pop out what you need for daily use or travel. Flexible lids make it a snap to fill a pod—just push pills through the lid—and a two-toned color scheme differentiates day use from night. Pair with the free reminder app to make keeping track of medication as stress-free as can be.