Reusable Ice Melting Mat

By Saltnets

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These snow and ice melting mats work just like ice melt or rock salt, but more efficiently, quickly, and neatly. Each mat contains sodium, magnesium, and calcium chloride (the same ingredients in rock salt). But the mat only releases as much as is needed. The rest of the melting agent stays contained in the durable nylon casing, and works in temperatures all the way down to -15 degrees.

  • Materials: Casing: 100% nylon; Melting Agent: Calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride
  • Care: Do not wash
  • Patented material melts snow and ice at -15°F and above
  • Prevents snow and ice accumulation, tracking of salt crystals, and keeps salt out of pets’ paws
  • Durable nylon tubes control even distribution of the melting agent, improving immediate traction while melting the existing snow and ice
  • Replaceable casing allow for customization
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Dimensions: 29” x 15.25” x 0.5”
  • Weight: 5.96 lb.

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1/6/2018 by Jessica

If you haven’t bought this you are missing out! Its amazing snd it works!


Easy, easy, easy

5/9/2016 by April

I live in Central Michigan and my home faces west. We get bad storms and lots of snow drifting. I placed this mat outside my side door which has no covering. The snow tends to drift here and constantly needed to be shoveled off. The Saltnet mat melted all snow under the mat. The next day I moved the mat forward a few inches and it melted all snow there. No shoveling needed!!! I left it out all winter and never once needed to shovel off the area the mat was in. The snow melts when it lands on it. I wish I had a bunch of these. And one the length of my driveway!More > < Less


Keeps Entrance Clean

5/7/2016 by Rachel

Used it through out the winter and it kept the porch area clean. I was able to move it around to keep a large area melted. It started to flatten out after a few uses, but still worked. Great Idea!More > < Less



2/16/2016 by Carol

This mat has worked out just fin especially in the frigid weather we have had and the snow.


Great concept!

2/4/2018 by Denise

The idea is great & thought it would solve a ice problem we have had for years.Unfortunately the first day we used was a full day of freezing rain & all the salt washed away. The temp kept fluctuating causing our driveway step to freeze making it dangerous . Expensive for one day use but the design of the mat is keeping the ice off for that first slippery spot on to the driveway.More > < Less

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How to use way less rock salt.

About Saltnets

Snow Problem

Help prevent slippery areas in temperatures down to -15 degrees with an ice melting mat.

Saltnets' mats work just like rock salt, because that’s what is inside. But these de-icing mats are faster, neater, and more efficient. The melting agent stays contained in the durable nylon case, and only releases when there is moisture from snow and ice. Once the area is clear the nylon quickly dries, which stops the process.

Use one of these mats at the front door, or on the landing, or anywhere else where ice builds up. Or place one on top of an icy area to work its melting magic after a few passes with the shovel. While the mat will eventually melt through deep, heavy snow, dig out as much as possible to help it work more quickly.

Reap the benefits of ice melt in a more concentrated, controlled way, and help make those slick areas safer.