TIKR Dog Treat Puzzle Toy

Tick Or Treat

TIKR merges playtime and snack time in a fun dog treat toy—and we don’t know many dogs who could resist that combination.

Its internal timer is where the fun begins, and it can be set for up to 45 minutes of play. Load the flexible, food-safe, rubbery toy with your dog’s favorite kibble and treats. As the timer winds down, holes
in the design reveal the snacks inside, saving the biggest ones for last.

The toy is geared towards dogs 50 pounds and under, keeping them happily engaged (and excitedly waiting) while snacking. And if your dog is a fast eater, TIKR can help encourage them to slow down, too.
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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Whit

    Hello Grommet Family! My name is Whit, the creator of TIKR. TIKR is an activity toy that rewards your dog’s natural curiosity with snacks. TIKR's magic comes from the built-in timer (no batteries required), and strategically-sized holes. TIKR can be used as a snack activity toy or even a slow feeder. We’re thrilled to be here, and happy to answer any questions you may have!

  • Elaine
    7/27/2017 10:58 AM

    Sure wish you would make one for cats. My cat is so bored sometimes. He wants to play all the time. Just a suggestion. :-)

  • Whit
    Whit – Special Guest
    7/27/2017 11:06 AM

    @Elaine thanks for the suggestion ; ) We're actually developing a version specifically for cats, but... we have had many people report to us that their cats enjoy tikr just as much as dogs do! Maybe give it a try?!

  • Karen
    7/27/2017 11:01 AM

    Is there a certain size snack that you can't put in the TIKR?

  • Whit
    Whit – Special Guest
    7/27/2017 11:19 AM

    @Karen that's a great question... tikr has three different sized holes, and can hold approx. 1 cup of food. The small hole is approx. .75" diameter, the medium hole is approx. 1" diameter, and the large hole is approx. 1 1/2" diameter.

    Although you can certainly use your own treats, to make it easy, try using our specially designed tikr snacks. They are the perfect size, and the gear shapes help make the game a bit more challenging.

  • Guest
    7/27/2017 11:14 AM

    Whit - Great idea! I hope your invention is a success. I assume you field tested the TIKR. How often did overzealous dogs just chew through the toy to get to the treats, rather than waiting for the timer to open the snack portals? Many thanks.

  • Whit
    Whit – Special Guest
    7/27/2017 12:35 PM

    @Guest thank you! And great question... we designed tikr to allow the small snacks to be made available almost immediately to help get the game started, and more importantly... ease frustration.

    Although tikr is durable, no dog toy is indestructible. So, it's important to properly introduce tikr to your dog. We've found these tips useful...

    First, try "loading your dog" by handing them a small sampling before placing the snacks in tikr. Have them watch you place the snacks in tikr and speak to them with enthusiasm!

    Second, once snacks are loaded, show them how it works - start in an open position and then roll it, shake it, bounce it, and allow a few snacks to fall out.

    We suggest encouraging pursuit (nudge-rock-roll-chase) play styles, and limiting focused chewing behaviors. Take tikr away from your dog if they start gnawing or tearing at tikr and show them again how to use it. Rest assured, they'll get it.

    And, as your dog becomes more familiar with how tikr works, to keep him/her interested over a long period of time, try randomizing the timer setting - by doing so, your dog will never be able to anticipate when they will be rewarded.

    These approaches seem to help relax heavy chewing desires. Ultimately, once your dog discovers tikr provides them with food, they will be less likely to exhibit aggressive behavior towards tikr. As the saying goes "don't bite the hand that feeds you".

  • Nikki
    7/27/2017 11:18 AM

    This looks like a great item that my dog would love. My dog weighs 70 pounds. Do you have one for a dog that size and if not, are you planning on making one.

    Thanks and good luck.


  • Whit
    Whit – Special Guest
    7/27/2017 1:08 PM

    @Nikki this is an interesting question to answer... although we suggest for dogs under 50lbs, we have a 150lb Greater Swiss Mountain Dog that has played with tikr for over a year now. His tikr is still in good condition today. He learned pretty quickly how to use tikr, and although very powerful, he is not an overly aggressive chewer.

    If introduced properly (see comments within the conversation above), tikr may work just fine with your dog. That said... larger dogs, especially if they are aggressive chewers, should always be supervised closely until you are completely satisfied they fully understand how to use tikr, and you are confident in their behavior. We've found even aggressive chewers seem to relax once they understand how tikr works.

    To directly answer your question, we are currently working on TIKR2 which will be larger and geared towards bigger dogs (up to 100 lbs). TIKR2 will be available early next year.

    Ultimately, you know your dog best... so if you have any doubts, you may want to wait for TIKR2.

  • melinda
    7/27/2017 12:35 PM

    Does the timer make a noise while the dog is playing with it, and when it winds down, does it make a sound when the timer goes off. Or is it a silent toy? I have a blind therapy dog and am always looking for things with sound that he can play with. Does it run on batteries, and if so how are they located in the toy, as to not cause a chocking hazard.

    Thanks, looks great and pending what the answers are, I may be buying several.

    Melinda, California

  • Whit
    Whit – Special Guest
    7/27/2017 1:23 PM

    @melinda awesome questions...

    Tikr does not have any electronics to break, nor does it require batteries - WOO WHOO!

    Simply, the timer is a standard torque timer found in every day kitchen timers. The timer itself does make a subtle "tick-tick-tick" sound as the timer is winding down, and there is a brief bell sound/alert at the end once time expires.

    We've even found that puppies especially enjoy the ticking sound - as if it reminds them of their moms heartbeat. I think your dog would really enjoy these sounds as well, and may make it easier for your dog to locate during playtime.

  • Jane
    7/27/2017 2:06 PM

    My pup is 76#:(

  • Whit
    Whit – Special Guest
    7/27/2017 2:21 PM

    @Jane thanks for being a responsible pet parent. There's a chance tikr could work just fine with your pup (if introduced properly). We're working on TIKR2 which should be available early next year, and will be better suited for dogs up to 100 lbs.

    Only you know your dog best. If you have any doubts, you may want to wait for TIKR2. Either way, thank you for your interest ; )

  • Nita
    7/27/2017 3:37 PM

    We have a 90 pound Doberman who would love a toy like this. Any chance you will develop a "big dog" version?

  • Mike
    Mike – Grommet Team
    7/27/2017 3:40 PM

    @Nita Whit actually mentioned above, that they are coming out with a TIKR2 for larger dogs in the future. But, this original TIKR has worked well for bigger dogs, so long as it's introduced slowly and properly (see Whit's comments further up!).

    However, you're the best judge of your dog, so if you're at all hesitant waiting for the TIKR2 could be the best option. Thanks so much for your question!

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