TIKR Dog Treat Puzzle Toy


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This dog treat toy will keep pups happily engaged—and snacking—for up to 45 minutes. TIKR’s got a built-in timer that’s designed to release kibble and snacks through different sized holes, saving the biggest treats for last. The flexible, rubbery design is easy on dogs’ teeth and gums, too.

  • Materials: Food-safe rubber and nylon
  • Care: Hand wash
  • Flexible and durable exterior is easy on teeth and gums
  • Timer can be set for different durations between 5-45 minutes
  • Reveals gradually bigger snacks as timer unwinds
  • Can be used as a feeder or to encourage slower eating
  • Completely mechanical. No batteries or charging required
  • Recommended for small to medium sized dogs, under 50 lbs.
  • Note: TIKR Snack Pack not included
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5" x 4.75"
  • Weight: 1 lb.

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Great Toy


So, I use this toy for one of my canine clients and even though she is a Great Dane this size is perfect for her. I really wish it came in ait came in a smaller version for my cats and my chihuahuas but it works great. and she loves to nose it around. She is however not a big chewer if she was i'm not sure this particular size would be right for her.More > < Less


Dog Treat Dog Puzzel toy


I received this dog toy faster than I thought I would. It is really good quality. It was a gift for my daughters dog. We are still trying to figure out how it works. Once we do I think her dog is going to love it. I would recommend this company.More > < Less


Great Toy


First of all the device itself is very well made. Heavy duty rubber and the mechanism is solid. I have a 35 lb. Puggle. This toy stimulates her. She gets very excited when she shes me pick it up. I think she prefers to have her treats delivered by her toy rather than just given to her. If i am in a hurry and need to treat her before i leave I just give it to her and she seems disappointed. She looks forward to the problem solving I believe. I thought the price a little bit steep but when I see how much my dog enjoys it and how well its made I am greatly satisfied with my purchase. Highly recommend this!More > < Less


Our Corgi's favorite treat toy


Purchased the TIKR about 4 months ago. It was very easy to train the Corgi (about 30 pounds) regarding the benefits of moving it around - he needed no further training regarding how to play with it! We use it as a high-value activity, maybe once every 2-4 days, so it remains special. Even so, he knows the word 'TIKR'.

Things to consider:

1. You can readily find treats that are appropriate for the large, medium and small sized holes. I found grain-free treats at a large local grocery store.

2. A lot of slobber gets on the toy in the course of 40-45 minutes. We use it only on hard floors.

3. Due to slobber (see above), the TIKR functions as a Roomba for dog hair. I generally let it dry and clean it off with a paper towel the next day. I then spray it lightly with Force of Nature (you should look into this GREAT Grommet as well) and wipe it down. I've also found that it is good every 2-3 uses to clean off the green parts by slowly winding it, so that detritus does not collect. Before I started doing this, the TIKR began having trouble moving (it didn't tick anymore). Such cleaning requires that you slowly wind it without food, then allow it to wind down before putting in treats and rewinding.

4. After 4 months, there are some gashes, as the Corgi has favored carrying and running with it in addition to nosing it around. But TIKR appears to be pretty rugged and, like the old Timex watches, "it takes a licking' and keeps on TIKKIN'!"

5. Finally, please do not interpret any of the above comments as reasons not to get a TIKR. The cleaning does not take long and the enjoyment our Corgi gets from it (Corgis are always looking for some job to do, and getting treats from TIKR is healthy - good treats and exercise - and innocuous) more than compensates our efforts. We have some other treat toys, which he likes, but nothing compares to TIKR!
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Fun for Tilli dog and for me, too, as I watch her!


Wonderful toy!

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Can Fido beat the buzzer?


Tick Or Treat

TIKR merges playtime and snack time in a fun dog treat toy—and we don’t know many dogs who could resist that combination.

Its internal timer is where the fun begins, and it can be set for up to 45 minutes of play. Load the flexible, food-safe, rubbery toy with your dog’s favorite kibble and treats. As the timer winds down, holes in the design reveal the snacks inside, saving the biggest ones for last.

The toy is geared towards dogs 50 pounds and under, keeping them happily engaged (and excitedly waiting) while snacking. And if your dog is a fast eater, TIKR can help encourage them to slow down, too.