Children's Hand Scrubber

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Inspired by the tools surgeons use to wash up, this children’s hand scrubber gets little hands cleaner than washing with soap and water alone. The sponge and bristle combination is the perfect size for kids' hands and it has a playful design that makes the process more fun while helping soap get into the grooves and contours on skin. When the washing up is done, this buggy scrubber stands up for more hygienic drying, too.

  • Materials: Plastic and sponge free of BPA, BPS, and phthalates
  • Care: Hand wash with soap and warm water
  • Contoured ergonomic shape
  • Stands up for hygienic drying
  • Helps to reach grooves and under nails for effective cleaning
  • Designed for children ages 3 and up
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 3.75" x 2.25" x 2.63"
  • Weight: 0.09 lb.

57 Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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Scrub ‘um up

8/20/2018 by Jo

Grandson loves his, and I tried it myself, the little strands tickle but really clean, while the knobby end felt quite good to my arthritic hand, giving a gentle massage!More > < Less


Make handwashing fun

7/27/2018 by Deb

My grandkids don't mind handwashing with this. In fact, the 5 year old has to have a time limit since she enjoys playing with this so much. They seem to hold up well.
Have given them as gifts too.
More > < Less


Fun for the kids!

7/25/2018 by Margie

I got this for my grandkids when they come to my house. I think I am going to have to order a couple fore for their houses. They loved it and washed longer than usual.More > < Less


Scrub Bugs

7/25/2018 by Sheila

The Scrub Bug is wonderful! Kids WANT to wash their hands! It cleans those dirty fingernails and all the wrinkles and crevices. I reordered for gifts. Great product. Will buy again.More > < Less


Very nice

7/25/2018 by Lesley

Very nice!

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Bugs that make kids better hand washers.

About Scrub Bugs

Squeaky Clean

This children’s hand scrubber was inspired by the tools surgeons use to wash up. It was designed by a mom determined to fight back against her children’s constant colds.

Scrub Bugs are, firstly, adorable. The sweet, buggy design will appeal to little kids. The soft sponge and bristles combination gets hands cleaner than using just soap and water, because Scrub Bugs have an innovative hand washing surface. It creates a better lather and a gentle yet targeted friction while scrubbing that gets into skin's contours and grooves. The shape is ergonomic to fit little hands, and it stands up on its end to air dry—which is cleaner than sitting on the counter.

Founder Kelly Stewart had had enough with her kids continually battling colds and other illnesses, and she knew that stopping them from touching potentially icky things wasn’t a solid plan of attack. So she created a playful method to make them better hand washers. Cleaner hands can make for healthier kids, which will in turn make everyone happier.