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Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Sustainability is something we can really get behind and these eco-friendly kitchen products not only work great, but help reduce the ecological footprint in your home. From reusable food storage to green cleaning supplies, not only will your kitchen look great but you'll feel even better about what you're doing to help the planet.

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Wool Avocado Ripener
by The Avocado Sock
Swedish Dishcloth - 3 Pack
by Wet-It!
European Scrubbing & Scouring Pad - Set of 4
Reusable Bag Set - 10 Pack
by BagPodz
Reusable Bag Set - 5 Pack
by BagPodz
Rolling Cargo Bag
Set of 4 Glass Straws - Bent
by Strawesome
Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags-Set of 4
by EcoLifeMate
Reusable Shopping Cart Bags - Set of 4
by Lotus Trolley Bag
Reusable Produce Bags - Set of 9
by Lotus Trolley Bag
Latex-Free Heavy Duty Scrubbing Gloves
by The Heavyweight Scrub Gloves
Glass Tabletop Produce Saver
by VeggiDome
Silicone Stretch Lids - 5 Pack
by Food Guard
Cloth Paper Towels
by Rakot75
Set of 4 Glass Straws - Straight
by Strawesome
Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap Multipack
by Z Wraps
Bamboo Infuser Travel Bottle
by Welly Bottle
Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle
by que
Silicone Storage Bag
by stasher
Silicone Pocket Bags - 2 Pack
by stasher
Produce Preserver (2-Pack) with Activated Carbon
by BluApple
Avocado Huggers™ - Set of 2
by Food Huggers®
100% Linen Bath & Kitchen Towels
by goodlinens
Grease & Oil Absorbing Drain Guards
by FOG Safe
Collapsible Water Bottle
by Hydaway
Collapsible Travel Cup
by Stojo
Silicone Half Gallon Bag
by stasher
Organic Produce Storage Bag
by Vejibag
Silicone Drinking Straws - 5-Pack
by Softy Straws
no reviews yet
Reusable Silicone Straws
by KoffieStraw
To-Go Casserole Carrier
by Fancy Panz
Eco-Friendly Food Wrap - Multipack
by Buzzee Wraps
Large Swedish Cleaning Cloth - 2 Pack
by Wet-It!
Reusable Shopping Cart Bags
by Trolley Bags
Water-Saving Faucet Atomizer
by Aquamiser
no reviews yet
Locking Glass Food Storage Containers - Set of 3
by Kilner®
8" Glass Straw To-Go Case
by Strawesome
Silicone Snack Bags
by stasher
Straight Single Glass Straw
by Strawesome
Avocado Ripener & Storage Container
by Cookduo
no reviews yet
Bent Single Glass Straw
by Strawesome
Coconut Palm Outdoor Broom
by Better!Broom
Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap
by Z Wraps
Silicone Smoothie Straws - 4-Pack
by Softy Straws
Cheese Storage Bags
by Formaticum
Wash Cloths
by Toockies
Silicone Travel Mug
by GoSili
Wool Dish Drying Mat & Linen Sleeve
by Sonoma Wool Company
no reviews yet
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