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Safety & Emergency

Make sure you’re prepared for what life brings your way with this collection of safety tools and emergency supplies. You’ll find helpful gear to keep in your trunk, test kits for your home and more that you won’t want to be without. These ideas also make for unique gifts for those you love.

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Personal Security Alarm
by iMaxAlarm
USB Rechargeable Lighter
by The USB Lighter Company
180 Degree Flashlight
by TripleLite
Emergency Phone Charger Keychain
by AtomXS
Collapsible Paddle Snow Removal Tool
by SnoShark®
3-in-1 Portable Jump Starter
by JumpSmart
Specialty Identity Protection Roller
by Guard Your ID
Hi-Fidelity Earplugs
by Vibes
Wide Identity Protection Roller
by Guard Your ID
Portable Jump Starter
by JunoJumper
Personal Security LED Alarm
by iMaxAlarm
5-in-1 Rescue Tool
by Spare Me
Hearing Protection Device
Smart Auto Diagnostic Tool
by Autel Automotive
no reviews yet
Tire Traction Straps
by Trac-Grabber
no reviews yet
Magnetic Nail Holder
by Safety Nailer
Lightweight Kevlar Cinch Lock
Fire Extinguishing Foam - 2 Pack
by Mini Firefighter
Ladder Stabilizer
by Ladder Lockdown
Fingerprint Sensor Lock
by Benjilock by Hampton
Fingerprint Travel Lock
by Benjilock by Hampton
Identity Protection Stamp
by Guard Your ID
Poseidon Waterproof Charger and Cord
by Dark Energy
no reviews yet
Fire Optimizer
by Firemizer
PowerLanez LED Bike Light
by 4id
no reviews yet
Sleek High Fidelity Earplugs
by Loop
no reviews yet
Wireless Christmas Tree Fire Alarm
by Safer Alarms
Home Safety Fire Blanket
by Kovenex
Finger Safety Cutter
by Nimble
Wearable Personal Security Alarm
by iMaxAlarm
no reviews yet
Spring-Loaded Ceramic Car Hammer
by LifeHammer
no reviews yet
Smart Lite Fingerprint Padlock
by Tapplock
Lucite Self Defense Ring
by Knockout
no reviews yet
Secure Mailbox
by elephantrunk
3-in-1 Pepper Spray
by Plegium
Water Leak and Climate Detector 
by Kangaroo
no reviews yet
Stretch Utility Straps - 6 Pack
by StrapGear
Tie Down Straps - Set of Two
Smart Key Lock Box
by igloohome
Convertible LED Work Light
by Liggoo
autoAlert Emergency Flashlight
One+ Smart Fingerprint Padlock
by Tapplock
no reviews yet
LED Clip Lightz 2-Pack
by 4id
no reviews yet
PowerWrapz - LED Safety Band
by 4id
Smartphone Connected Personal Safe
by iKeyp
Smartignition Electric Lighter
by Proud Grill Company
no reviews yet
Reflective Safety Vest
by ArroWhere
Paracord Survival Charging Cord
by Dark Energy
no reviews yet
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