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Starting a new fitness routine? Or maybe you’re a pro looking to set a new personal record? Wherever you are in your fitness journey, this collection of athletic gear, exercise equipment, and unique water bottles will help you get your workout on. From warm up to cool down, find amazing products to get the most out of every session.

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Staying fit is easier than ever with today’s latest exercise products and technology. Whether your goal is to drop a few pounds, run a 10K with your buddies, or simply improve your overall health, make sure your home gym is complete with all the athletic gear and accessories you’ll need for your fitness journey.

Fitness gear that makes working out easy and fun

The right fitness gear can help you streamline your workout routine and maximize your efforts. From sleek clothing to useful accessories, the right gear is necessary for achieving an overall easier and more enjoyable exercise experience.

  • Stay safe when running or walking at night with these Light Up Armbands by 4id. Simply strap the lighted bands to your upper arms where they'll stay out of the way and keep you visible to traffic. They're super lightweight and even weatherproof.
  • Perfect for yoga, barre, and weightlifting, these Training Grip Socks by Pedestal Footwear feature grips that maximize your stability on smooth surfaces. Special fibers in the socks help them resist abrasion, dry faster, and combat odors and bacteria.
  • Who knew something as seemingly simple as tying your shoes could deter you from that early morning run? You’ll never hit snooze on your workout again when all you have to do to prepare is snap on your sneakers with these super-handy Magnetic Shoe Closures.

When the weather’s nice, get outside and play some fun yard games with the family.

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Exercise equipment essentials you never knew you needed

Some exercise equipment comes and goes, but certain products never let you down and continue to pay off. It’s all about finding the products that work for you.

  • Get rid of excess stress with just a few punches to this Doorway Punching Bag. Sturdy tension rods allow the bag to fit in any doorway for a full-body boxing workout right at home.
  • Tight spaces at home making workouts more difficult? Profit from the compact effectiveness of this Ultra-Thin Compact Treadmill, which folds up and opens in a jiffy and fits neatly beneath the bed or couch.
  • Whether you travel frequently or like to take a foam roller with you to the gym or work, you'll appreciate this Collapsible Foam Roller by Brazyn Life. Flat and compact when collapsed, strong and sturdy when expanded, this roller helps you loosen tight muscles no matter where you are. 

Maximize your fitness with a healthy lifestyle

Every fitness enthusiast, from novice to professional, has unique goals—plus a unique lifestyle in which to fit those goals. Make sure your fitness gear matches your needs by catering your equipment to your routines and interests. 

  • Love heading into the great outdoors for some much-deserved peace and relaxation? Now you can plan your camping fitness routine more easily with these handy camping and outdoors products.
  • Pushing yourself hard during regular workouts can take its toll on your beauty and personal care. Don’t forget to give yourself some much-deserved “me time” with these self-care products you’ll love.
  • Plan to mix healthy exercise habits with a more nutritious diet? You’ll definitely need these healthy cooking kitchen gadgets to make meal-prep easier (and tastier).