Biofeedback Sleep Headband

By Sleep Shepherd

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The Sleep Shepherd Blue is a comfortable, adjustable headband containing thin speakers and conductive fabric (EEG) sensors. The companion app helps you monitor your sleep like never before by presenting detailed sleep level and orientation plots as well as daily, weekly and monthly sleep trends.

  • Materials: 15% Spandex, 85% Polyester
  • Care: Spot clean or dry clean only
  • The first at home sleep device that monitors your brainwaves in real time and uses a biofeedback loop to help you fall asleep quickly through the use of specially engineered tones
  • All-natural, drug free approach to a better night's sleep
  • Biofeedback system uses real-time brainwave data to administer customized binaural beats to help optimize your sleep
  • Smart alarm raises brainwaves gradually before a pre-set wake time to help you wake up feeling refreshed
  • Companion app lets you track your sleep using brainwave sensors and head orientation tracking
  • Soft, conductive fabric sensors allow for accurate readings with superior comfort
  • Made of breathable, light weight fabric to stay cool and comfortable throughout the night
  • Note: The Sleep Shepherd is not a medical device, diagnostic tool, or a clinical intervention of any kind
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions 24" L"x 5" W; Fits head circumferences 21" to 26"
  • Weight: 0.25 lb.
Can’t sleep? Try this hat.

About Sleep Shepherd

Sound Slumber

The Sleep Shepherd is a wearable, all natural sleeping aid. It’s a cap that uses a faint audio signal to lull you to sleep, and monitors your brain activity to help keep you there.

The audio signals create a reaction that the Founder calls the “virtual hammock effect.” The hat emits precise tones into your ears that mimic a sound swaying back and forth. As your brain deciphers the difference in frequency coming from either ear, this creates the effect of a slow rhythm. Your brain starts to follow that and slows down, and the Sleep Shepherd automatically adjusts the individual tones using a biofeedback loop.

Throughout the night, if you wake up or your brain starts ramping up again, the Sleep Shepherd responds. It reintroduces the tone to slow down your mind and keep you snoozing.

Sleep is a subject that kept Founder Dr. Michael Larson, Ph. D from MIT, awake from time to time. His daughter suffers from narcolepsy, and her prescription drugs often kept her awake for hours. He wanted a drug-free way to help her fall asleep.

The Sleep Shepherd is made with lightweight, breathable fabric that’s audio-conductive. That means no earphones or buds to plug into your ears, and you won’t get too hot wearing it. Admittedly, it’s not something you’d wear in public, but hey, you look kind of silly when you are sound asleep, too. Which you will be.