Armored Charging Cables

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Inspired by the design of a plastic toy snake, these armored cables protect the weakest points where fraying and breaks happen most—right at the connectors. Sleek ball joints allow for secure flexibility and rotation, shield the cables within, and can pop out to maintain an angle.

  • Materials: TPU cable jacket and plastic assembly
  • Built-in advanced protection from normal use breakage, backed by 3 year warranty
  • Uses a patent pending, rotating strain-relief assembly at the connectors of both sides of the cable
  • Slim connector fits most device cases, including LifeProof and Otterbox
  • Charging and sync capability
  • MFi-certified lightning cable is compatible with iPhone 5 & up, iPad, and iPod
  • Micro-USB cable is compatible with most Samsung, Blackberry, and Windows devices
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Lightning: 48" length; Micro-USB: 48" length
  • Weight: Lightning: 0.05 lb.; Micro-USB: 0.1 lb.
Prop 65 Warning

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm  ‐

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Waiting on lightning version


Still waiting on the lightning version to come out.


Disappointing purchase


I was very excited to find the 'snakable' cord after going through dozens of other cords that would inevitably break at the connector. However, I was sorely disappointed. After only two weeks of use, the connector was holding strong, but the actual plug in became loose. The cord would only stay connected to my phone or tablet if it was laying in a certain position. If you bumped it, it would not charge.

Creators: Great solution to a problem, but you need to invest in better micro usb plug ins.
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Worked for awhile, but?


I really thought...I found a great charging cable! But, just Quit working after a Not very long time of usage! ...Boy, I am disappointed !!!
And, I am Very careful in plugging & unplugging the thing!
It lasted way less time than an Apple one! And, spent More‼️‼️
So, I DON'T recommend this item at all‼️.
NO stars!
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Not a good choice


I was hoping this cable would last longer than the standard cables that come with the phone, etc., but it did not. My wife who has MS and is pretty much bed-bound, needs a more durable cable, but one was no better than the run of the mill ones.

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The sneakiest charging cord.

About Snakable

Lasting Charging

Wes Goulbourne got the inspiration for Snakable—a durable USB cord that won’t fray or break—from, believe it or not, plastic toy snakes.

Wes was frustrated with repeatedly replacing cables. After many designs that weren’t quite right, he looked to nature for a solution. He thought of a snake’s movements, and then remembered a jointed, plastic toy snake he had as a child. Inspiration struck.

The ball joints at either end of each Snakable cable not only allow a new degree of flexibility, they also protect the cable within. The spheres can pop in and out to maintain an angle, and provide relief where cables see the most strain—at the connector. For Apple users, Snakable's lightning cables are MFi (approved by Apple). For Android users, they also make a micro-USB cable.

Wherever you charge your devices, your frayed days are over.